Open Stair Risers

Here at Abbott-Wade, we take great pride in being able to offer a massive selection of staircase styles and designs. Since our establishment in 1996 we have been at the forefront of the staircase renovation industry and are not going anywhere! The aim of our business is being able to help the redecoration of homes across the length and breadth of the country by refurbishing staircases or by providing a completely new flight of stairs.

As homeowners look to improve and freshen up their property, many opt for a bespoke design which opens up their hallway. We provide the open staircase which creates a free-flowing look without diminishing the functionality of the flight.

Below, we talk about the style in more detail. Learn more about open staircases by checking out the latest blog from the team who are the current holders of “The Customer Service Award For The North West” which we were presented at the National Family Business Awards at Wembley Stadium in July.

Open Tread Stairs

An open staircase uses open treads rather than the closed treads that are normally associated with traditional staircase designs. The riser (vertical) part of the stairs is left partially or fully open.

It is a modern design favoured by people looking to add a fresh twist to their home. By leaving a small space between each riser to provide the open tread, you can give the effect of a floating flight to your room.

In any home it is beneficial to have features that make up the part of the design that allow light to pass through the property. With open tread stairs that is certainly the case! By transforming your flight, you can take it from an ordinary aspect of your property to a stunning, focal feature that can complement other parts of the room.

While the design uses less material than a more basic design it is no less safe and stable than ones with a closed riser. We ensure your design meets and complies with current UK building regulations.

Open Riser

Selecting open risers provides a completely new component to a staircase. Many people pay little attention to the staircase despite the fact it’s the central part of the home, and the first thing you see when you walk through the front door.

In terms of the design itself, as discussed earlier, the open tread staircase is generally applied to styles which use timber. However, at Abbott-Wade, we offer flights made from a variety of materials. Because of this, glass is also popular for the open staircase for both the treads and the balustrading.

As standard we use 10mm toughened glass which can also reduce the space between the treads but without diminishing the benefits of the design and how it allows more light to pass through the structure.

Additional features for open staircases, for those that use wooden treads, is carpeting them to create a truly unique look. Whatever style you are looking for, our design team can advise you which will work best with your property and the way it is currently decorated.

To learn more about open staircase designs you can get in touch with the helpful, expert Abbott-Wade team by calling 01744 634442. You can also contact us via email at Our staff will be delighted to answer any questions or queries you have regarding staircases.