New Open Tread Staircases With Timber Downstands

An open tread staircase is one that we find is a popular request from customers, but we must stress that if you are opting for a new open tread staircase from us, your design will need to incorporate downstands underneath the treads to comply with current UK building regulations (don’t worry, we can help you figure that out!). Downstands, also known as upstands, reduce the opening between the treads to reduce the risk of young children or limbs being caught between or passing through the gap between the open staircase.

Normally, we find that homeowners who prefer an open tread staircase usually do so based on their desire to keep the area feeling as open and free as possible. This allows plenty of light to pass through the stairway and can make the hallway seem a lot bigger than it actually is.


Open Staircase

One preference for those who don’t like the idea of wooden downstands is the opt to use glass for their open staircase, which is still a very viable option! This is done especially if the material was already incorporated into their balustrade design. Our 10mm toughened glass downstands are a near-invisible option which also serves the purpose of reducing the opening between the treads – an excellent safety feature of our open tread staircases.

However, if you are looking for a feeling of continuity and cohesion, especially if you have chosen a staircase made in a beautiful hardwood like oak, sapele and walnut, then you can always construct your downstands from the same timber as your staircase. Furthermore, they look superb regardless of whether you decide to go with bare treads or ones which are carpeted.

To you want to find out more about our open tread staircases then contact us by calling our design team of 01755 634442 to arrange a free, no obligation home consultation. Our expert staff will be able to show you the materials which are used to create open staircases.


Customer testimonial

To say we are thrilled with our new staircase in an understatement. So refreshing to have tradesmen in our home that deliver on what they promise - stunning glass staircase and professional and courteous fitters. Thank you Abbott Wade!"
Bill & Dianne, Cheshire


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