Established in 1996, we now have a vast pool of experience and expertise; a valuable resource which is shared through the company as only a family business can. Abbott-Wade pioneered many of the techniques which have now become the industry standard and while we are proud to be local, we offer our customers a nationwide service based out of our business premises in Burtonwood, Warrington. From top to bottom – there are many things which set us apart. Unlike other leading staircase companies which have been established and run by individuals from a sales and marketing background; Abbott-Wade has been established and run by two experienced joiners with no other shareholders. You can imagine the difference in priorities – and you’d be right!

It’s all about the stairs. Quite literally! We aren’t a ‘Jack of Trades & Master of None’. We don’t cast our net too wide. We stick to what we do best – staircases. Just staircases. But we do exceptionally good staircases! Unlike many of our competitors, we have the expertise to offer customers the option of a bespoke New Flight or Staircase Renovation and project manage the whole staircase project from start to finish. All our staircases are made of premium hardwoods and installed pre-finished meaning that some of our installations are completed in as little as one day with minimal mess and no subsequent painting or french polisher visits needed. Our wide range of products and bespoke service means that our customers can choose from a range of hardwoods, bespoke colours, toughened glass and stainless steel options or almost limitless unique combinations of materials in traditional or contemporary styles. 

Being a family business is a huge attraction for our clients. When customers see this level of loyalty and individual investment they know they are in good hands. Mike Wade himself surveys every staircase and meets every customer prior to installation to ensure every installation runs as smoothly as possible. Unlike our main competitor, we are proud to be an award winning small family-run business who refuses to use sub-contractors instead committing to train and employ local craftsmen. This has proved a great draw to our customers who like the personal touch only a company like ours can offer. We don’t have an army of staff which means that clients receive a very personal service.

We also don’t do any cold calling. Potential clients contact us after finding us online, in advertisements or from referrals from previous customers. The deposit we ask from our customers is also a key difference. Some companies require a deposit of 80% before a staircase renovation has even begun. Abbott-Wade only collect a 20% deposit for our renovations because we’re confident in the work we do and our customers have peace of mind knowing that they keep the majority of their money until they’re happy with the work completed.

Even our brochure has been written in house by people who really understand what they’re taking about instead of a design agency and is even printed on recycled paper as part of our environmental commitment. Its aim is not only to sell staircases but to help potential clients make informed decisions about us and their investment.

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