Space is a valuable resource, especially as modern homes get smaller. It makes sense to utilise the space under and around your staircase and there are many ways to do it. It may be a practical use or purely aesthetic. There’s no right or wrong – it’s a choice based on what’s best suited for you and your home. On our travels around the country we’ve seen some lovely uses of this space and this is a collection of some of our favourites.

Useful Storage

A popular choice in many homes is utilising any available space for additional storage and there are many ways in which to achieve this. A popular choice in many homes is a simple under-stairs cupboard which is a useful place where many of us hide away less glamorous items such as vacuum cleaners and ironing boards, but other solutions may include keeping an open area for a nest of tables or telephone table. The pictured examples below also includes stylish sealed units to tidy items away out of sight. These could include anything from a messy pile of papers to a fridge freezer.

Take a seat

A popular choice among many customers with a newly fitted or refurbished staircase is a seat on which to sit and admire the stylish new addition to the hallway. It also a practical implication as the hallway is also the place we tend to sit and tie our shoelaces or wait impatiently near the door as we wait for our significant other to get ready. Whether a sofa, chaise long or a simple wooden arm chair; seats come in shapes, sizes, styles and colours to be in-keeping with any home.

Express your artistic side

Art and decoration is a lovely way to add a personal touch to your home. The correct piece not only makes a statement about you but draws the eye to compliment or contrast with the design of the stairs and decor. The dark colours of the horse and Japanese figures below contrast with the white of the the stairs while the abstract oak sculpture adds continuity of the oak tones and texture.


Our homes are a place to relax and unwind but there’s also an increasing need for a space to organise the domestic finances. Pictured below are a home library nestled neatly under a half-landing and a simple yet stylish desk for all those essential domestic administrative tasks.

Let nature in

Plants are proven to reduce stress levels and are a positive addition to any home. Whether you opt for a pot plant or freshly cut flowers, they’re guaranteed to brighten up your home and boost your mood.

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