We all know the importance of staircases. They are essential in ensuring that you can ascend and descend to a different level in your building. Although they’re used multiple times a day by many, they have their dangers, too! Heading towards or coming down from a height can lead to accidents and injury, so it’s important to make sure that you keep safety in mind when using the stairs, and thinking of new staircase ideas.

Although accidents are rare, they can cause serious harm if they occur. It’s with this in mind that you should regularly evaluate your staircase and consider if anything more can be done to ensure that you are not put a risk every time you use them.

Here at Abbott-Wade, the staircase specialists, we feel it’s our duty to promote these safety checks with you, so you can minimalise the potential of accidents, giving you one less thing to worry about!

Additional storage (rather than leaving items on the stairs!)

We’re all guilty of leaving items on the stairs at some point. Especially if you have gaps between treads, it’s easy to pass items through in the hope another member of the household will take them upstairs! Although this may seem convenient, it can quickly become a trip hazard that could cause potential injury. How many times have we gone down the stairs without paying much attention to what’s under our feet?

In reality, we shouldn’t have to, which is why incorporating additional storage near your staircase could be ideal in avoiding this danger. Perhaps boxes under the stairs or shelves on the wall alongside the steps could be a smart solution, keeping the stairs clear to be used as intended.

Let there be light!

Lighting is everything in the area around a staircase. It’s crucial in maintaining visibility where a lack of it could cause a misstep that can have disastrous consequences. There are various ways in which you can improve the standard of lighting around your staircase, all to make it a safer place to be.

For example, you can use more, or higher quality lights close by, hanging from the ceilings or even LED lights on the wall running alongside your staircase. Such is the creativity out there when it comes to lighting, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your tastes!

You can also use the existing areas around you to your advantage. To do this, you can look to brighten up the colours of your walls to something that is more vibrant and colourful. As is expected, this will inevitably provide you with more light around the area of your staircase, thus providing more visibility.

This effect can also be had by colouring your treads brightly, ensuring that they’re hard to miss when using your stairs at any point in the future!

Is everywhere secure?

Ensuring the security of your stairs goes a long way in making them a safe aspect of your building. There are a number of checks you can make here, keeping your staircase sturdy and durable. Are your spindles fitted securely? If not, they could be at risk of falling off or snapping, creating a gap that a young child may be at risk of falling through.

You should also check the condition of your handrails to ensure they are fit for purpose. Unsteady handrails could lead to a lack of support when heading up or down the staircase, if they wilt under pressure, it could result in a harmful injury.

Are you using the stairs correctly?

Finally, all these checks and improvements could be in vain if the staircase is not used correctly. Make sure that you’re taking your time when heading up or down, as well as carefully watching your next step and looking out for any upcoming obstacles.

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