We’ve been pioneering staircase installations since 1996 and we know that having an expert installations team is vital but the hard work and expertise starts long before they’re needed. Our design consultants work with clients to create the optimal design for each home discussing design options and materials at their first consultation before the in-house CAD team begin their detailed drawings using precise measurements and angles to create the perfect bespoke staircase.

We know that a good staircase should excel in both function and form, creating a central focal point which gives your home the Wow-factor. Every staircase we install is unique, made to the exact size and design specifications determined by each customer to reflect the needs of them and their home. As all homes are different so are the staircases within them. We believe that you do not need a grand house to have a luxury staircase that makes a statement. What’s more, a beautiful staircase should not be achieved by compromising quality or safety – that’s why we use the finest materials in all our installations.

A staircase is the first thing you seen when opening the front door of most homes so it should make a statement while sitting comfortably in its surroundings – whatever they may be. At Abbott-Wade we offer a range of designs to suit modern and traditional homes. A staircase is not a work of art to be looked at from afar. It must be functional and durable. All our staircases are installed pre-finished meaning there is no further decoration or French polishing required after installation. This means our staircase installations are often completed in less than 48 hours!

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