A hallway is more than just a means of accessing other rooms in your home, it is, and should be regarded as a room in it’s own right, especially as it probably the first room to receive visitors and usually receives the most traffic and wear and tear. It therefore sounds obvious to identify that it should be kept clean and tidy with shoes tidied away and skirting boards touched up after scuffs.
oak and glass staircase

Adding items of quality furniture is a way of showing that your hallway is as important as other parts of your house. A chair invites people to spend time enjoying the space while a small table with photographs or decorative items adds a personal touch.

sheikh hallway   bennett-cv35-after-1  rebuild or renovate  IMG_1470

  grand central feature oak staircase with white carpet and feature curtail staircase

  oak, sleek, flat caps, bottom 01   glass downstands 02

Bring the outdoors in by adding flowers and greenery, after all, who doesn’t like flowers? It’s a small touch but has a dramatic impact.

sheikh1  oak, sleek, flat caps, bottom 01   after2  Embedded glass & oak balustrade set into a modern staircase setting

Halls and stairways often provide large areas of empty wall space which can feel imposing to visitors.

These areas can be warmed with a bold piece of art work or a custom printed canvas of a family holiday.
Frameless 01

If art isn’t your thing, add colour with a feature wall to inject vibrance and colour without being too overbearing.
campbell glass brackets 1    inline (Ping) 01

Another great idea is to add a mirror.

Like a glass balustrade, mirrors add to the illusion of spaciousness and can work well if the placed at the bottom of a staircase to provide a glimpse of artwork or decoration on the next floor.


However, taking steps to enhance the brightness of your hall and stairs in pointless without light. Make the most of windows and avoid thick curtains and, if privacy is an issue consider privet hedges or high window boxes instead of net curtains. Choose your lights carefully, stylish wall lights can look great while long hanging lights at the top of a stairwell not only provide light to all levels but also act as elegant focal point. Furthermore, while previous generations of homes may have been with a chandelier, modern designs can provide an explosion of delicate lights with great effect.

stop chaf looking down 25   looking down 2  shaped glass panels   contemporary spindles

If you can, make clever use of the space you’ve got. You may opt for a clever system of drawers or cupboards or even, as shown below, your own library.

custstring 02

Be consistent. If you’ve got an oak staircase, match your doors and furniture to great effect. Try not to mix too many styles or themes or rather than an eclectic blend, you could end up with muddled mess.

white & glass bottom 03  IMG_0459  Oak & Iron 2 A5

Above all, be bold and be creative.

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