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As with any other kind of staircase, a half landing staircase is a versatile option. So, if you have a stylistic preference of a wooden, glass or steel staircase, we can incorporate this structural alteration to your property with no problems. Such is the array of staircase design options out there today, we’re able to put our ability to good use and provide many happy customers with the staircase of their dreams.

If you have your ideal staircase in mind, we’re happy to work with you to incorporate a half landing staircase into your property, giving you a more stylish and convenient option as a result. Just get in touch with our team today and we can get started on a positive working relationship.

What is a half landing staircase?

A half landing staircase is a fantastic variation on the classic staircase. It provides a change from the standard staircase that is straight in its structure. This kind of staircases uses a flat platform midway up its ascent, giving you the chance to change direction and ascend or descend to a different point. They are ideal for those that would like to stray away from the norm and give themselves a unique and stylish staircase design, as well as those who may want their staircase to be the centrepiece of their home. Through preference or necessity, more than one half landing can be fitted to create a staircase that is not only grand but practical too!

Do I need a half landing for my stairs?

This all depends on if you have a vision regarding where you would like your staircase to start and end. If you desperately want your staircase to begin at a certain point, you may require a half landing to get it to finish at a convenient point in the home. We see many people use them instead of knocking through a wall into another room. A half landing allows the staircase to continue to ascend to a natural gap in the landing, so you can move around the property freely. A half landing is becoming more and more popular, but their importance should not be understated. To complete your vision of your ideal home, a half landing staircase might be necessary in order to achieve this.

What is the minimum size for a half landing staircase landing?

In order to fit with health and safety regulations, there should be certain minimum and maximum dimensions that should be adhered to. Here at Abbott-Wade, we are skilled and experienced enough to know each of these dimensions thoroughly, and will always work with these in mind on every job we do. An example of this is with a half landing staircase, in which the half landing itself must be a minimum size to keep it safe to use. Any smaller could become a trip hazard, which can be especially dangerous at an elevated height. A half landing should have a dimension of at least 36 inches (914mm) which should be measured in the direction of travel. This avoids the possibility of an awkwardly placed crossing on the staircase which could cause a fall.

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