Mr & Mrs Avery, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Why a new staircase?

We wanted to create the impression of a larger and brighter entrance hall & update the original ranch style staircase.


An advert by another company re-kindled an old desire to upgrade the stairs & we requested more details and a quote.

Decision making process:

We were shocked by the quote we received from another company and so spent an informative hour with Janet from Abbott-Wade who talked us through the process. We were given our quotation and we were very surprised! Janet was also able to provide approximate dates for installation and we were pleasantly surprised how soon the job could be done.

Style choice:

We decided to use light oak to keep the whole structure as light as possible; oak is also a really beautiful wood!

End Result:

The team arrived at 9am and by 4pm the following day the job was done. There was no time wasting, disruption was minimal and the standard of their work was excellent. The whole process was totally painless and the lads were a pleasure to have in our home. To say we are delighted would be an understatement. From start to finish, Abbott-Wade were a pleasure to deal with and we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them for your stair renovation.

New Staircases & Staircase Renovations in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Whether you’re in a Huntingdon or one the nearby Cambridgeshire towns or cities like Cambridge, Peterborough, Milton, St Neots or beyond; our Nationwide service means we can come to you.

Huntingdon is a beautiful part of the country so where better to fit a beautiful new staircase or staircase renovation?

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