Mr & Mrs Leyland, Warrington

Designer: Barry Kerkhof

Why a new staircase?

I wanted to refresh my staircase; open it up a bit more & modernise it a little. My hallway isn’t large and grand, but it’s the first thing people see when you open the front door, so it’s important. I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted it to look like – it was just dull and tired and ordinary.


I’d seen the usual pictures in magazines and newspapers but they didn’t ‘grab me’, and seemed very expensive.  They looked lovely of course but not ‘special’, so I took my time looking on-line which is where I found Abbott-Wade.

Decision making process:

I’ve lived in Warrington all my adult life so when I realised Abbott-Wade used to be based just round the corner from me I wanted to know more.   I do like to use local companies where possible. They promptly sent me an e-brochure so I could read about the company and its products.  There was no pressure selling.

Style choice:

Once I saw the glass spindles it was ‘love at first sight’!  Nothing else was going to be right for me.  I arranged for someone to come out and we had a chat about what I wanted, and what it would cost.  I was happy enough with the price, given the uniqueness of the product and the quality promised.  Quality is important to me.  This was to be a gift from my lovely mum, paid for out of some (hard earned) money she left when she passed away at the amazing age of 97.  Feisty and fabulous to the end!  I inherited mum’s ‘fussy’ gene.  Mum once paid a decorator to wallpaper her bedroom.  As he left and we both waved him off, mum whispered to me to strip it all off while it was still damp.  The job he had done was just about ‘ok’ and that wasn’t good enough for my mum.  I agreed, and I re-did it for her.

End Result:

My new staircase HAD to be ‘wow’.  It had to sparkle and say ‘quality’ every time I looked at it.  It had to be a little bit different than the norm.  Nothing else would do.  And this is exactly what it looks like.  The finished product is modern, classy, sparkly – I really love it, and I am glad I chose it.  The ‘finishing’ was especially fantastic, every detail carefully dealt with to make sure I was happy.

Thank you Abbott-Wade, and thank you mum for treating me to such a beautiful new staircase (and a new staircarpet to set it off).  

A stunning staircase renovation for the Leyland family

The Leyland family took advantage of our Nationwide service and were delighted with their transformed stairs.

Wherever you are, get in touch to see how Abbott-Wade can transform your staircase too.

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