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Adding an Open Staircase to Your Home

Open Stair Risers

Here at Abbott-Wade, we take great pride in being able to offer a massive selection of staircase styles and designs. Since our establishment in 1996 we have been at the forefront of the staircase renovation industry and are not going anywhere! The aim of our business is being able to help the redecoration of homes across the length and breadth of the country by refurbishing staircases or by providing a completely new flight of stairs.

As homeowners look to improve and freshen up their property, many opt for a bespoke design which opens up their hallway. We provide the open staircase which creates a free-flowing look without diminishing the functionality of the flight.

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Why Buy a Glass Staircase from Abbott-Wade?

Why Glass Staircase

One of the more contemporary staircase styles, a glass staircase has a lot to offer any household. A step away from more traditionally seen staircase designs, they can add a unique touch to homes and without comprising the safety felt with a sturdy classic flight.

We have been front runners in the staircase manufacture and renovation industry since our establishment in the mid-1990s. For more than 22 years we have refurbished and built stairs in properties up and down the country and now, more than ever, we have seen a keen interest in the glass designs that we provide.
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Most Popular Staircase Designs of 2018

Staircase Designs of 2018

As the year draws towards its final few weeks this blog post takes a look at the staircase designs that have proven to be the most popular this year. In homes up and down the country we have performed the design, manufacture and installation of staircases of countless designs.

No design is too complicated or unachievable for the experienced Abbott-Wade team who have been at the forefront of the staircase renovation and refurbishment industry since our formation way back in 1996. Continue reading…

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