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Our website is a great way for us to connect with our customers. With just a couple of clicks you can learn more about who we are, find out about what we do, and view a selection of images from past installations. You can even request a brochure or visit from one of our design team. With this in mind why would we use social media?


Our social media pages provide an opportunity for us to connect and interact with our customers with interesting links and insights reflecting the world of staircase renovations. Not only can we share information about what we’ve been up to, but we tweet feedback from our customers and you’ll also find additional photos taken by our customers and installations teams which aren’t in our brochure or website. These photos are a useful tool to give you an idea about how the installations process works and how one of our staircases could work in your home. Take a look at how other customers have used carpets and wall decor to complement their installation or find a staircase with a similar layout to your own to see how it could look.


Everyone’s heard of Facebook these days, but while a small, UK based family-run business who have spent the past 20+ years specializing in staircases won’t be of too much interest to most of it’s 1.19 billion users, it’s a great place to keep in touch with customers old and new. We find that customers like our personal style of business and our friendly installations teams, they typically take an interest in how we’re getting on after their installation is long completed and like to post photos of completed projects we’ve installed for them.

They can keep abreast of news items added to our blog page or see how the team who installed their staircase for them is getting on.

New customers often use our Facebook page as a tool to see photographs of installations, gather ideas and look to see what projects we have completed in homes similar their own.



Twitter is a social media platform spanning the globe with over 310,000,000 active users which aims to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Users need to be concise as tweets need to stay within the 140 character limit. Twitter is a great place for us to share photos of our installation, news, reviews and links to articles which may benefit or be of interest to our customers and within the many online communities in which we find ourselves. Far from being confined to the pigeon hole of staircases, we share stories of being a family-run business, videos, joinery and carpentry articles and advice. It also allows another avenue for us to communicate with our customers and share our views on current events.



We love the informal simplicity of Instagram, the online community of over 5,000,000 visual storytellers, but it’s not all teenage girls taking photographs of their lunches. Search the hashtags and you’ll find lots of photos of #homeimprovement, #architecture and even #staircases.

You can follow Abbott-Wade to see not only the glossy photos from our online gallery but also (in this modern world of camera smartphones) some real-time photographs taken by our installations teams and other things of interest to us and hopefully you.


We aren’t extensive users of YouTube but we are part of it’s online community with a small collection of videos sharing information about who we are and what we do. You will no doubt have seen the video on our home page and those within our news pages and if these have been of interest to you, it’s well worth subscribing to our channel to keep up to date of any new videos we publish in the future.



Pinterest is great online community where members create a catalogue of ideas from everything from home crafts to architecture. Home renovations sits happily in middle ground and our photographs, videos and ideas have been saved and repinned onto ideas boards by users from all over the world seeking inspiration for transforming their stairways.



Tumblr is a blogging platform which combines aspects of other social media platforms and allows us post photos like Instagram, videos like YouTube, links to articles of interest like Twitter as well as full news stories like this blog. Like Twitter, hashtags allow us to escape the pigeon hole of staircase renovations and engage in family business and carpentry/joinery affairs, share stories, videos, articles and advice.


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If you haven’t heard of Houzz before, it’s a great place to start when you’re looking for ideas for all parts of your home. Whatever aspect of home renovation or home improvement you’re planning, from a new kitchen, bedroom furnishings or revamping your living room, Houzz‘s online community of over 40 million homeowners from all over the world have packed the website full of ideas for all parts of your home. With ideas from home owners, home design enthusiasts and specialists such as Abbott-Wade, you’re sure to find both inspiration and advise.

As you might expect, you can visit Abbott-Wade’s Houzz page where many users have already added images from our collections to their ‘Ideabook’ to help them design their dream home.

Visit our Houzz profile today to start designing your ideal home.


Whilst your staircase is a central feature of your home and usually the first thing people see when they enter, it’s very often overlooked. The good news is that we can transform the heart of your home for less than you think and in most cases, just one day.


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