Mr Connolly was off on his holidays and decided he wanted to come back to a new Abbott-Wade staircase.

“It’s the best thing in our house!”

Why a new staircase?

“I moved into my house in March and it basically needed gutting. I’ve had my house rewired, replumbed and replastered which made my stairway look like a babies cot. As it’s open plan I knew I needed a quality staircase.”


Inspiration & Decision making process:

“It just desperately needed doing.”


Decision making process:

“I asked around and the only company that anybody recommended were Abbott-Wade and now I can see why.”


Style choice:

“I saw oak & glass staircases on Pinterest and I knew that was what I wanted.”


End Result:

“They did the job while I was on my holidays so I wasn’t around to see it being assembled, but my daughter sent me a picture of it and I’ve never been more excited about coming home from my holidays in all my life. It’s the best thing in the house.”