Staircase renovation projects in Southampton

Is your staircase looking old and tired? Our team specialises in staircase renovations and has helped numerous clients to renovate their staircases in Southampton.

We can:

  • Change your balustrade with modern glass panels or a range of new spindles
  • Replace your newel posts
  • Clad over structural parts of your existing staircase to create the illusion of a full new staircase
  • Offer a range of colours
  • Clad over old treads and risers with non-slip Oak
  • Provide the option of a whole new staircase if a renovation isn’t suitable

Most of our customers know exactly how they want their staircases to look, but our expert designers will happily share some of their favourite modern staircase ideas should you need a little inspiration for your project.

Bespoke staircases in Southampton

Whether you enjoy neutral interiors or contrasting colours and materials, our bespoke staircases are designed to suit your exact needs.

We provide bespoke staircases in Southampton in a variety of finishes, including wood, stainless steel and glass. Whilst all of these materials can be used on their own to create a stunning focal point in your home, you may decide to combine two completely different materials (i.e. wood and metal or wood and glass) for a unique look.

Our specialist will gladly discuss your requirements in further detail and create a design that’s perfect for your home, tastes and preferences, as well as your daily lifestyle and budget.

Get in touch

When it comes to renovating or replacing staircases in Southampton, the team at Abbott-Wade have all your needs covered.

To get the ball rolling and benefit from our expertise, either call 01744 634 442, email or send us a message via our online enquiry form. A member of our friendly team will be in touch shortly.

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