Staircase renovation projects in Brighton

If your staircase is structurally sound, and you don’t want to change the direction or number of turns, renovating is sure to give it a new lease of life.

Our team have helped numerous clients to renovate their existing staircases in Brighton over the years – saving them the expense of replacing the entire thing. We’d love to do the same for you, too.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to change your balustrade is to replace old newel posts with new stylish rails and glass panels. It won’t break the bank, but it’ll dramatically switch up the look of your hallway!

Another popular option would be to clad over the structural sides of your stairs – making it look like you’ve replaced the staircase – or reclad the treads and risers for a fresh new look. We suggest using non-slip oak to both improve the aesthetics and enhance safety.

The chances are you’ll know exactly how you want your staircase to look. But if you need some inspiration, our experts are always on hand to share some of their favourite modern staircase ideas for your Brighton renovation project.

Bespoke staircases in Brighton

Having designed, manufactured and installed many staircases in Brighton in our time, it’s fair to say that no two homes are the same.

We also understand that customers’ styles, tastes and budgets vary considerably. Which is why we provide bespoke staircases.

Whether you enjoy the rustic feel of wood, the clean lines of glass, or the industrial look of metal, we can create a staircase that is just as unique as you and your home.

Before our team starts to design your dream staircase, we’ll come and assess the scale of the job and learn more about your requirements. Then we’ll use CNC technology to build and pre-finish the structure at our workshop.

A CNC router is a machine that uses computer-controlled cutting tools to cut and shape materials. At Abbott-Wade, we use it to cut wooden and metal stair parts, including (but not limited to) balusters, handrails and newel posts. An advantage of using innovative CNC technology is that it ensures precise cuts, allowing us to produce higher quality staircases in Brighton.

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