The Staircase Manufacturing Process...

Every beautiful staircase starts with a vision which can only be realised with meticulous planning.

Because every staircase and staircase setting is unique, each new staircase installation begins with an initial design consultation and then surveyed to provide exact measures of where the staircase will go, the right configuration to fit the space, the pitch (angle) of stairs and more to achieve the optimal functional design and aesthetic.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Using the dimensions supplied by the Survey Team and the detailed design specification discussed with the Designer, our expert CAD team use 3D Modelling Software to generate a precise three-dimensional computer model to test the configuration of all new staircases.

These models allow clients to visualise how their completed staircase will look in an accurate, detailed drawing with accurate dimensions.

Cutting-Edge CNC Technology

Inputting the detailed staircase parameters into the CAD/CAM software then allows each new staircase to be separated into it’s component parts.

These are then cut-out and shaped using our state-of-the-art CNC machinery which cuts with millimetre precision.

These components then receive the human touch by our skilled craftsmen to quality check and apply any TLC needed before being expertly assembled in preparation for onsite assembly and installation.

Handcrafted Stair Parts

Bespoke stair parts including feature steps, understairs doors and bespoke newels are still handcrafted by seasoned craftsman David Abbott and his team in our workshop as part of our staircase manufacturing process using premium quality materials.

Staircase Construction

Elements such as balustrading are completed during the onsite installation but the the main structure of our staircases are pre-assembled in our workshop prior to installation. This reduces mess and disruption when working in customers homes but more importantly and greatly speeds up the onsite installation process meaning that a full new staircase can often be installed in just a day or two.

The component parts of the staircase cleverly manufactured on the CNC machine are slotted into place in our workshop. Our carpenters then glue, clamp and screw everything together securely with discretely positioned fixings to maintain the best aesthetic for the stairs when they are installed onsite.

Bespoke Pre-Finished Staircases

All our staircases and stair parts are pre-finished prior to leaving our factory in our specialist Sprayshop.

Once everything has received a final rubdown, experienced sprayers Jon & Ian then expertly apply our stains, paints and lacquers before everything is wrapped for protection in transit and installation.

Toughened Glass Panels

All the glass panels used in our staircases are measured & drawn for every order by our Survey & CAD Team.

A glass specialist with a proven track record for quality then cuts and bevels the panels to size which is toughened using a specialist thermal treatment which increases the strength of the glass and in the event of breakage causes it to fractures into many smaller, relatively harmless pieces with edges which are generally blunter rather than large, jagged shards which can cause serious injuries.

Once toughened, the glass is then receives a special discrete toughening stamp to prove it complies with all necessary regulations.

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