Mr & Mrs Bell were impressed by clean and tidy workmen who realised the vision they had set out with designer Colin Campbell.
“A good job well done!

Why a new staircase?

After many years of being used as a scratching post for the cat, it was time for a staircase renovation.


We had been browsing staircases online and were impressed by the stunning selection on the website and we had also taken a look at the Abbott-Wade staircase renovation guide.

Decision making process:

We were put at ease by a friendly consultation Abbott-Wade’s designer Colin Campbell who was very professional and offered us a reasonable price.

Style choice:

We opted for a carpeted oak staircase with inline glass panels and a feature step.

End Result:

The staircase looks fantastic! It was finished in 2 days by Abbott-Wade’s clean and tidy workmen with minimum disruption to our house.