At Abbott-Wade we’re always looking to the future. It’s part of our policy of continuous improvement but goes beyond that. Since our early days back in 1996 we have always made a conscious effort to invest in our staff and our infrastructure: our fleet, our tools, our materials and of course – our building.

We’ve left behind our old home in Lowton but stayed close to our St Helens roots. Our new premises in the beautiful village of Burtonwood on the outskirts of Warrington was famously a major airbase used by both the RAF and American forces during WW2. The site was visited by stars of the day such as Glen Miller & his band, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby & Humphrey Bogart among others as well as high ranking officials such Generals Eisenhower and Patton. It’s even rumoured that Burtonwood the only place in the UK ever visited by Elvis Presley  – though he never actually got off the plane.

The base was finally closed in 1994 and with the arrival of Abbott-Wade in the village, Burtonwood will now be home to a ‘stairbase’ rather than an ‘airbase’ and will accommodate plains not planes in our building fitted out to help our business run more efficiently than ever before.

Where to find us:

Abbott-Wade Ltd, Unit 33, Phipps Lane Industrial Centre, Burtonwood, Warrington,WA5 4HX 


Not only will the building allow us to run all aspects of our operations more smoothly but our proximity to the motorway will mean we’re always ready to visit our customers wherever they are in country. It has been custom fitted to make us more self reliant than ever before. Our sprayshop allows all our stair parts to be prefinished in house where our directors can keep a close eye on the quality of all materials leaving for each each installation. Our new workshop also allows us to produce more of our components in-house with director Craig Abbott taking a leading role in some of the manufacturing process.

But don’t worry, even though we’re going up in the world – just like our staircases, our aspirations remain the same. We will remain a family-run business. We will continue to offer a fair & competitive price for all our customers. We will continue to uphold the values which have won us the respect of our customers for 20 years and we will continue to love what we do.