New Mono-String Staircases

Unlike a traditional staircase which has 2 stringers, a mono-string staircase is just as the name suggests if you know your staircase terminoliogy.

Our Mono-String Staircases are the ultimate focal point for any home. A solid, statement making central spine providing the structural integrity required to support the 15mm frameless glass balustrade. Not only does this makes every component of the staircase a feature to leave all visitors in awe but it is made of the highest quality of materials and comes expertly installed installation just as you would expect from Abbott-Wade.


If you aren’t sure what is needed don’t worry, our experienced team will design your staircase for you based on the needs and layout of your home. Call us on 01744 634442 to find out more.

Customer testimonial

To say we are thrilled with our new staircase in an understatement. So refreshing to have tradesmen in our home that deliver on what they promise - stunning glass staircase and professional and courteous fitters. Thank you Abbott Wade!"
Bill & Dianne, Cheshire


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