Metal spindles make a bold statement in any home. They create an air of strong elegance and offer a surprisingly versatile option when planning your staircase design. Our range of steel spindles are available in traditional styles such as the slender Buckingham & Sandringham spindles which taper towards a classic knuckle or the grander basket design of the Windsor.

Alternatively the contemporary flowing lines of our Ripple and Wave spindles add a modern twist to this style of spindle.

metal spindle range names

In addition to the range of traditional and contemporary styles of metal spindles available, it is interesting to consider that as the spindles are forged from steel which is generally considered to be more durable than the cast iron or wrought iron of yesteryear as it is better at absorbing impacts and withstanding stress and strain. In turn, this means that the traditional black colour of the spindles is created by our in-house spraying process rather than any inherent properties of the metal. Consequently, previous Abbott-Wade customers have opted for custom colours such as white, silver, gold and pewter to give their staircase the unique appearance they were looking for.

Further customised touches which add to the individual nature of each staircase can be added by either using only metal spindles, using them to interspace wooden spindles or even to combine them with other materials such as glass.

Forged Steel Spindles:

forged steel spindles Photo 28-03-2017, 15 46 51 Oak rails with black Regal spindles Square fluted newel post with white Regal spindles  black forged steel and oak stairs  oak and iron staircase

Abbott-Wade’s forged steel spindles can be pre-finished in a range of bespoke colours to ensure the installation is truly unique. Because the pitch of each staircase varies, we pre-drill the stair rails to the exact angle and spacings needed for each installation to ensure every spindle fits perfectly and the balustrade looks just right.

Steel & Glass:

glass gallery balustrade with customer painted forged steel wave spindles in silver up stairway  metal spindles Photo 28-03-2017, 15 46 29

While not an obvious combination, combining materials can have a stunning impact. The images above show how metal spindles can be combined with glass spindles to great effect. The variation in the colours of the spindles and choice of timber all add to the unique style and personality of each installation.

Steel & Wood:

Oak & Iron 2 A5  forged steel and oak staircase  basket spindles double knuckle metal spindles

Combining metal spindles with woods such as oak makes a strong statement in a timeless design which won’t look dated for the foreseeable future.