Your guarantee. What’s it worth?

Abbott-Wade are one of those rare and privileged companies – but it is a privilege we have have earned. We may not be big, but we have a trusted heritage spanning over 20 years specialising in staircase installations and renovations. This means that when our customers choose our award winning family business, they can take great assurance in the value of our guarantee.

Over the years, we’ve seen competitors come and go. If recent unfortunate events in the staircase sector have taught us anything, it is to be prepared and make sure you’re in safe hands.  Some of the other companies out there may offer guarantees which are longer than the company has been trading for. If a consumer were to have a warranty issue in a few years time – will the company who completed the work still be trading to make good on their promise? And if not, will there be contingency plans in place to deal with any issues which may arise? Similarly if you’re putting down a large deposit, do you feel like your money is being left in safe hands? Unfortunately this is a lesson some consumers have recently learned the hard way.

Abbott-Wade customers take a huge amount of comfort and reassurance knowing that after 20 years we are still going strong thanks to our hard working ethos and commitment to quality. This commitment ranks us amongst the longest established staircase renovation companies in the country with a trusted reputation which has been built since 1996.



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