White&Glass4Here at Abbott-Wade, we are proud to be a family run business and we like to deal with other family-run businesses where we can. Why? Because we know first hand of the benefits of being a family-run business. We understand that everybody takes accountability and has to pull their weight; there are no personal agendas and everybody looks after each other. When it’s in everybody’s best interest to ensure that every job is done well; where they all have a responsibility to each other to ensure that standards are maintained and the reputation of the company is upheld; you know that you are going to receive the best possible outcome! These things can only happen when you have a team comprised of more than just ‘employees’.

If you compare a family business with other companies, you’ll find that they trust one other more, they help each other more, they laugh more. They share the values of honesty and hard work. All of this is certainly true of the Abbott-Wade family.

From a customers’ perspective, there are no shareholders applying pressure to maximise profits at the detriment of quality and service. Combine this with our lower overheads and our commitment to more than just profitability and you’ll find we’re able to keep standards up and prices down.

Since 1996 when directors Craig Abbott and Mike Wade founded Abbott-Wade, our customers have been reassured by the values we share and the quality of craftsmanship we deliver. More importantly, because of their hands on style of leadership, they have trained and nurtured their workforce, instilling the same values upon them which has served their business so well for almost 20 years.

So when you choose Abbott-Wade for your staircase renovation, you’re not choosing another faceless corporation to work in your home, you’re choosing a family-run business with a genuine commitment to completing a quality staircase installation using craftsmen who share the same values that you do…and if that doesn’t convince you, maybe our competitive prices will!


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