Ok, so when you picture a staircase – either in your home or office building, we are sure it will have a balustrade (or two!). These are often a fixture in staircases that have one side or both, that is not supported by a wall. It’s easy to get creative with balustrades and, as a result, many property owners look to incorporate them into the design of the building as a whole!

So, whether you have a traditional staircase or one that is more contemporary, let us tell you why a balustrade is a crucial component you may need to think about…

What is a balustrade?

A balustrade system provides a safety barrier and also gives you a handrail to grasp so you can keep your balance when ascending or descending a flight of stairs.

The actual balustrade is the name that is given to the “legs” that supports the handrail, usually, equal distance apart and in a row. This provides a barrier between the staircase and the floor below, which could potentially be a long way down! They have to be sturdy to survive any impact that is put on them, whilst also making sure that the handrails are held securely.

It is important to measure your balustrade correctly, so you know exactly what length is needed to provide a snug fit between the handrail and beam. A balustrade that is too long will not fit, and one that is too short will prove a serious safety risk for your stairs and could see it fail to meet building regulations.

Do all staircases need a balustrade?

Most staircases are built against a wall, and will therefore need one balustrade for safety reasons, on the side that isn’t supported by the wall itself. As this is usually facing the rest of the floor, many decide to make the balustrades look as stylish as possible and choose a design that will fit in with the rest of their home.

However, it is worth noting, that some staircases may need no balustrade system at all, but this is normally seen in long staircases in commercial or industrial buildings. Have you ever walked up a never-ending flight of stairs in a car park or hotel if the lift isn’t working? There will be no balustrades here, they are usually built into the concrete around them.

Types of balustrade

To fit with the finish of your staircase, you may want to think about what kind of balustrade would suit you best. For example, do you opt for an oak balustrade that you can paint to complement your painted staircase? Or would you like a creative pattern to perfectly pair your steel staircase? Whatever your preference, we are sure there is a balustrade for you!

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