Choosing a company to install or renovate you stairs is a tricky undertaking. There are many things to consider. Reputation, experience, product range – but the one which customers tell us is a deciding factor time and time again is price.

Shop Around

Of course it makes sense to do some ground work. Look online, talk to friends and colleagues and choose some companies who come with a good reputation.


We’d read good reviews and comments that Abbott-Wade were less expensive than other national companies.” – Mrs Dowlman

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Other companies won’t encourage you to shop around and might be uncomplimentary about their competitors – but that’s not how we do business. We confident that by going about things the right way, offering a fair price and an honest approach, after you’ve got a couple of quotes, Abbott-Wade will tick all your boxes.


“We spoke to a number of companies but found Abbott-Wade offered the best value for money.”– Mr Mallander, Nottinghamshire


Don’t pay for ‘the name the label’

Is price and quality always a compromise? Not necessarily. A designer handbag is often of no better quality than a high street brand and many high street cosmetics out perform the luxury brands. Make sure you’re paying for quality – not ‘the name on the label’.


“We invited one of your competitors who spend a great deal on advertising and this was reflected in their quotation ! Your company offered more favourable quote.”  Mr King, Ipswich


 “A large national company quoted more than twice what I eventually paid for the same product. When I found Abbott-Wade they were not only better value but had the advantage of over 15 years experience.” – Mr Rose, Merseyside


“We were shocked by the quote we received from another company and so spent an informative hour with Janet from Abbott-Wade who talked us through the process. We were given our quotation and we were very surprised! Janet was also able to provide approximate dates for installation and we were pleasantly surprised how soon the job could be done.”  Mr & Mrs Avery, Cambridgeshire


 “Having had other quotes we were surprised to find that Abbott-Wade could do exactly what we wanted but for a very reasonable price.” – Mr & Mrs Catesby, West Yorkshire

Don’t compromise on your vision

It’s understandable that price is an important consideration, but it shouldn’t come at a comprise of achieving the staircase that’s right for you and your home. Make sure you’re quoting like-for-like. If you know exactly what you’re looking for – make sure you choose a company who can deliver your vision.


“We liked what was offered from Janet, our designer, who did a good review of what we were looking for and quoted within our budget.” – Mr Thornycroft-Smith, Slough


“Abbott-Wade provided me with the most competitive quote whilst also being able to give me exactly what I wanted. They were very helpful and happy to discuss any ideas I had.” – Mr Chadwick, Wigan

Don’t compromise on quality

It’s also important that your price does not compromise quality. Abbott-Wade select high quality materials and prefinish them in-house where our a directors have the final quality-check before any materials leave our site for installation. It’s one of the benefits of having a small dedicated team.


“The reason why we selected Abbott-Wade was the overall quality of the American Oak and glasswork. It was customised to suit our needs, using the mix and match materials and components from their pattern book. An Abbott-Wade staircase suited our budget, after exploring for over a year with other companies, we chose the right company for us.” – Mr & Mrs Hill, Dorset



“Price was a big factor, but also the fitters being employed by the company, not requiring complete payment until completion, demonstrated to me that you have a lot of confidence in what you do.” – Mr Norwood, Staffordshire

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