There’s a few staircase companies out there. If you’re reading this no doubt you’ve been shopping around and come across some of them for yourselves. However, please don’t tar us all with the same brush, because there’s quite a few things which set us apart from the rest.

You probably already know that we’ve been specialising in new flights and staircase renovations for over 20 years – since 1996 in fact. You probably also know that we’re a family run business which has many advantages for both us and our customers. But look a little deeper and you see that there’s other subtle differences which mean that Abbott-Wade is more likely to be the best match for you.

From top to bottom – there are many things which set us apart; take our Directors for examples. Unlike other leading staircase companies which have been established and run by sales driven individuals from a sales and marketing background; Abbott-Wade has been established and run by two experienced joiners with no other shareholders. You can imagine the difference in priorities – and you’d be right!

It’s all about the stairs. Quite literally! We aren’t a ‘Jack of Trades & Master of None’. We don’t cast our net too wide. We stick to what we do best – staircases. Just staircases. It really is that simple.

We’re a Multi-Award Winning business. Our business has been recognised at a national level by both the National Family Business Awards and the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards where we won the Best Small Business in the North West and the Best Bespoke Home Improvement Company respectively.

Another key factor is that all our fitters are employed by Abbott-Wade and not subcontracted like you’ll find at other staircase companies. Just because a stair-fitter drives a branded van and wears a uniform doesn’t mean they’re an employee. There are several reasons we we choose to use our own employees. The first is because we care. Once a joiner has joined Abbott-Wade’s extended family it’s only right that we should contribute towards their training, pensions and offer them paid holiday. It sounds obvious but it’s a rarity in this sector. Another reason is that we are guaranteed a quality of workmanship which can’t be achieved by using subcontracted workers. The company and it’s staff have an ongoing commitment to bring out the best in each other.

The deposit we ask from our customers is also a key difference. If you’re shopping around for prices this is something you may want to consider. If you’ve already paid a deposit of 80% before your staircase renovation has even begun you may question the commitment of the company you’re paying to complete any snagging issues or finishing off once they’ve already got the bulk of your hard earned cash. At Abbott-Wade, we only collect a 20% deposit for our renovations because we’re confident in the work we do and our customers keep the majority of their money until they’re happy with the work completed.

There are more reasons to choose Abbott-Wade of course, you can read more of them using the links below.

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