Staircase Renovation Blog Abbott-WadeTo many people, a staircase is simply the way they go from one floor to another in their home, but the team at Abbott-Wade, one of the country’s premier staircase renovation firms, see a staircase as much more than that. It is a focal point of the home and in a lot of houses it is generally the first thing you clasp eyes on when you go through the front door so creating a spectacle staircase in your home is of massive importance to us.

We have been performing staircase refurbishments since 1996, helping homeowners across the length and breadth of the UK to revitalise their home by updating and refreshing existing staircases or by providing a completely brand new flight.

Staircase Renovation

Normally, if there are no safety issues with the condition of your staircase we will recommend a staircase renovation whereas if there are concerns with the structure we will advise that you need a new flight of stairs. Whatever option our customers end up proceeding with, we maintain a consistent line of communication with them and there are regular consultations with our designers to ensure that the end product we provide is exactly what was expected.

Sometimes with a staircase refurbishment, we tend to simply use a stair veneer which is carefully placed over the top of the existing steps to give each one a makeover. After this, we get to work on the handrail and balustrades. We provide a vast range of differing panel, balustrade and spindle styles to give you countless design options when it comes to your staircase renovation, while the use of glass, timber and steel allows you further choice for your bespoke staircase. This can really give a new feel to not just your staircase but your whole home.

Staircase Refurbishment

When in discussions with our design team and our fitters, each of whom have been hand picked by our directors and have undergone extensive training, it is important to mention any other redecorating plans you have lined up for your home in the near future. This will allow them to advise on the best style of staircase refurbishment you could achieve that will be in keeping with the new design plans you have for your house.

If you are unsure of which kind of renovation to have then it is always best to consider that anything a bit out there design-wise is probably left limited to paints, which can be stripped off, or carpets, which can be easily replaced or removed should you have a change of heart later down the line. Any outlandish structural choices that you could later decide you do not like anymore will be harder, and more expensive, to replace. Either way, whatever your design ideas for a refreshing staircase renovation or full new flight of stairs, Abbott-Wade can call on more than 20 years of experience to create the staircase you desire.To discuss any staircase refurbishment matters in more detail do not hesitate to contact us, or alternatively if you wish to first learn even more about staircase renovations, then take a look at The Abbott-Wade Guide to Staircase Renovations!Staircase Refurbishment Blog Abbott-Wade

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