Once recalled by world renowned author Roald Dahl ‘I do have a blurred memory of sitting on the stairs and trying to tie my shoelaces, but that is all that comes back to me of school itself.’

At the time, staircases may not be in the forefront of our memories but looking back everyone can remember the stairs that the raced down in the mornings and ambled up at night. Or even whether it was where we chased our slinky toys or talked on the phone each evening to our first loves, they are more than just a means of transporting ourselves between the floors of our home.

“Stairs are wonderful friends; they rise with us and they fall with us!”

– Mehmet Murat ildan

Like every other part of the home, even the best of staircases can look tired eventually as styles and fashions change, this is only natural! If your stairs are starting to look dated, you might like to consider a staircase renovation from Abbott-Wade with a new design such as glass, with oak or walnut.

Alternatively, painted white wood and Pilkington’s Optiwhite or sandblasted glass can provide a fresh modern feel. Or if something more traditional takes your fancy, there are a wide range of spindles available with wrought iron or glass spindles accessible.

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However sometimes a staircase renovation is not enough. When stairs become structurally unsafe or an alternative footprint is required, a new staircase is needed. Unlike other leading staircase companies, Abbott-Wade will also rebuild your whole structure with a staircase refurbishment. Offering the finest materials and outstanding craftsmanship, you can be assured of a staircase to be proud of and which visitors to your home will remember.

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