It doesn’t have to be a New Year’s resolution or part of the annual spring clean – decluttering is said to be ‘good for the home and good for the soul’ and now is the time to start! Let’s begin with your hallway, it is after all the first room in your home which your guests will see. We visit lots of homes all over the country and we learn a few things alone the way. We see what people do well and what they don’t. We’ve come up with our 6 favourite tips we’ve picked up on our travels for making the most of what you’ve got. They may be obvious, but they’re important.

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Keep it clean!

It goes without saying but footprints, dirt from shoes and muddy handprints are an inevitable nuisance. Keep a handheld vacuum cleaning close at hand for a quick 20-second spruce up. You never know who might come knocking!

Banish the bits!

Get rid of the clutter. It’s not only unsightly, it’s a trip hazard – especially near the stairs. No one wants to trip over the dogs lead and land headfirst into your smelly running shoes!

Clabon Mews

Hang up your hats and coats.

There are lots of options for tidying up you hats, coats and bags, choose something that makes the most of the space you’ve got. A stylish free standing coat rack can look great if you’ve got the space, alternatively hooks or a rail attached the wall can be an option, what no one wants to see is everything heaped over the bottom of the stairs in an unsightly fashion.


Consider continuity.

Your hallway, by their very nature, will adjoin with other rooms in the house. By carrying colour schemes from walls or soft furnishings into other rooms such as the kitchen or living room, along with wooden flooring or carpet – you can provides a seamless link between spaces.

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Storage, space, style.

How is the space arranged? We aren’t suggest you take a class in feng-shui but consider what you have and what you need. Have you gone with a style or is it a muddled mish-mash of materials? Can the space under the stairs be used for a home for the hoover, a desk or additional toilet? Are shoes stored out of sight?


Is it warm? Is it welcoming?

By far the most important question of all – you’ve got to arrive home to this room everyday. How does it feel when you walk through your front door? What is your first impression? If you find this difficult, ask a visitor to tell you how it feels to a guest. Consider walls, flooring, decoration and lighting.

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Remember, it’s not about spending lots of money, it’s about creating a homely feeling.

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