The excitement of changing the look of your staircase is one that is hard to match in the world of interior design. After all, it’s the central hub of your home, used every day and often the first thing visitors see when they walk through the door. With this in mind, creating your ultimate staircase design is something that often takes much deliberation and consideration. But what if you don’t have the time – or budget – to make a staircase similar to the finest you see with a Google search or on Grand Designs?

Such is the versatility of the staircase from a design perspective, a smaller budget needn’t be a stumbling block. You can still produce a fantastic stair case without burning a hole in your pocket.

Don’t believe us? Here at Abbott-Wade we have compiled some of the most efficient and best looking ways to transform your staircase – without using up all your savings.

Why replace when you can renovate?

Many people fall into the trap of presuming that improving the look of your staircase requires replacing it completely. Although this is an option, a staircase renovation may be more to your taste. When people look to switch up their staircase design ideas, very rarely do they want to change the layout or structure of their staircase.

A renovation can encompass many potential avenues, each saving you money compared to a full replacement. For example, you can opt for a different leading material for your staircase, by switching your wooden spindles for a glass balustrade. You could also add a feature step to the list of your staircase ideas, adding a new dimension to your stairway and giving it an entirely new feel.

If you would like more inspiration on the plethora of staircase renovation options out there, be sure to check out our dedicated page.

Considered carpet?

Some money saving changes are so obvious they can completely slip your mind. But by adding new carpet to your stairs, you can dramatically change their appearance without breaking the bank. It doesn’t cost anything to rip up existing carpet and it requires only limited DIY nous, so this can be achieved in no time. The limited carpet and underlay you would need to cover your staircase will not eat into your budget too much, allowing you to choose from a wide range of colours and styles to fit with your staircase design ideas perfectly.

Carpeted stairs are a safe bet for a stylish, well furnished option. They are also ideal if you are expecting to have young children running up and down them regularly, providing a comfortable and safe solution compared to a hardwood floor.

A lick of paint could do the trick!

Lastly, one of the most popular ways of creating your ultimate staircase is to add some paint into the mix (literally)! Such is the variety on offer when it comes to shades of paint, it is easy to find a colour that will give your staircase the new lease of life it needs. Perhaps you want to add a subtle hue to your staircase or go the whole hog and paint over your spindles, newel posts, treads, risers and handrails in a bold shade – the choice is yours! A trip to your local DIY store will provide you with the paint you need to kit out your staircase in any way you see fit.

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