St Jospephs dayMarch 19th marks St Joseph’s Day which is significant to us as Joseph (husband of Mary and step father to Jesus) is the Patron Saint of Carpenters.

Unlike other companies nothing we install is mass produced, in fact all our installations are bespoke – whether it’s a new flight of stairs or a renovation, your installation is unique to you which means that our carpentry skills are of the upmost importance to get things exactly right.

But why choose a bespoke product requiring carpentry skills rather than a mass produced product from an overseas factory?

We need to ensure that your staircase is the perfect fit for your unique home with its’ unique angles, unique sizes and unique quirks and we believe that bespoke the right option for our customers. We believe that true individuality, like any original work of art, can come only though something created especially for you. So because every staircase we install is manufactured with you in mind to the specifications you require, it will be just as unique as you are!

Read more about the benefits of choosing a bespoke installation.

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