New Staircase Or A Staircase RenovationWhen it comes to changing your staircase there are countless options for you to choose from. Which materials should you use? Which style should you implement? One of the main choices you need to make is if you are going to opt for a full overhaul with a completely new staircase or to simply rejuvenate your existing flight with a staircase renovation.

Here at Abbott-Wade, since our formation in 1996, we have gone from strength to strength and are now amongst the UK’s premier staircase manufacturers. Whether you require a new flight of stairs or a refurbished staircase, we can call on over 22 years of experience to bring the staircase style you desire to your home.

But should you choose a new staircase or a staircase renovation? This blog post will hopefully help you to decide!

Why A New Staircase?

Normally, our customers have to choose a new stair case installation in their home if their current flight is no longer safe. This usually happens if damage occurred to your staircase for one reason or another or gradual wear and tear has left your flight in an unrepairable condition. If your staircase no longer meets existing building regulations, you will also have to choose a new staircase.

While there are some enforced reasons you will need to choose a new staircase, some of your style or design choices may mean that you will need a replacement staircase too. An example of this is if the footprint of the stairs you wish to have in your home is not the same as your current design.

The first step of any of our projects is to go through a considered and methodical design process at your home with members of our expert design team. They will showcase the materials we have to use and go through previous designs we have implemented into homes up and down the country. This will give you inspiration for your own ideas and how you would like your new staircase to look.

To make sure everything is as safe as possible, we begin our work on your new flight by carefully taking away the existing staircase. Then using highest-quality materials we manufacture and install the new staircase design of your choice. There is a whole host of options available such as closed or open treads and straight or curved, winding flights – which includes our helical staircase designs.

Staircase Renovation Options

If your current flight is structurally safe then you will be able to benefit from our of our renown staircase renovations. Even though the base of the design is the original flight, through our years of experience and professional techniques we can refresh your hallway with a completely refurbished design which, if you wish, will look entirely different to the previous style.

While a full redesign is possible, some homeowners choose to have a simple staircase refurbishment and essentially just give their flight a slight sprucing up. We can renovate your flight in contemporary staircase and classic staircase designs so you can rest assured our work will leave you with a flight that perfectly fits into the current décor of your home.

Despite being the original flight, you can still achieve the look of a new staircase with our renovations. This is made possible through the use of stair veneers. In a similar way to how a dental veneer would fit over a tooth, the stair veneer goes over the stair tread of your existing flight to create the look of a new staircase.

As with all our work, the design stage of our refurbishments again occurs during one of our free, no obligation home consultations. This is when we go over the multitude of style choices you have at your disposal. Through our methods and thanks to the wealth of materials we have available you can opt for a timber staircase, steel staircase or even a glass staircase. As well as including the materials in your new staircase you can also combine them to produce the a wholly bespoke staircase design.For further information on staircase renovation, you can read our guide – The Abbott-Wade Guide to Staircase Renovations! You can also learn more by getting in touch with our experienced team. To do this call us on 01744 634 442. Alternatively, you can contact us by emailing us at Flight Or A Staircase Refurbishment

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