Opening up the home and creating a more fluid living area is something that has boomed in the modern day. No longer do interior design trends focus on one room at a time, as they now look to embrace open plan living to make the home as adaptable as possible. You would be forgiven for thinking that this way of thinking during the design process can’t migrate to the stairs, but you’d be wrong! In fact, there is a very plausible option that means that your staircase can get in on the act.

Open staircases have been steadily rising in popularity over the last decade or so, and it is easy to see why. So what is the reason for this? We hear you ask, and you’re probably wondering how it can benefit your home too, right? Well let the experts at Abbott-Wade talk you through exactly how shifting your focus to an open staircase could indeed open up your mind…

What is an open staircase?

Before we get started on sharing some open staircase ideas, it is important to distinguish what they actually are. The definition is a simple one, and we’re sure you would’ve seen one of these types of staircase before.

Put simply, it is a staircase in which the individual steps (treads) have a gap in between them. Many old fashioned staircases tend to have closed treads, meaning that you have a consistent colour all the way up your staircase. More and more these days, people are realising that open staircases are indeed safe, therefore they can benefit from their excellent ability to improve the design of your home.

What are the benefits of an open plan staircase?

If you’re still on the fence about how an open staircase can revolutionise the look of your home, then have you considered how much light you can now pass through your bottom floor? The space between treads allows light to flow through with ease, meaning that on a warm, light summers day you can achieve the same effect as an open plan kitchen.

This natural light is like gold dust when it comes to making your home a more appealing place to live, so be sure to consider this when mapping out your staircase design ideas.

How can I implement this into my home?

Although an open staircase may appear like a fairly limited addition from a creativity standpoint, you might want to think again! Alongside the benefits of a more spacious setting and natural light, they can be customised to make them fit perfectly with their surroundings.

Perhaps you want an added safety element that avoids the possibility of youngsters falling through? You can install a metal bar between each tread to ensure that the light and open feel isn’t lost in your staircase design. There are also many kinds of staircase shapes that you can opt for that allow for an open element. Perhaps you have a spiral or L shaped staircase that needs a platform in the middle? No bother, the team of experienced professionals at Abbott-Wade can help you combine all the staircase ideas you have.

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