Staircase Trivia Hits The Airwaves!

No Such Thing as a Fish is a podcast series produced and presented by the researchers from the popular television series QI collectively known as “The QI Elves”. Every week the team present their favourite fact that they have come across that week. Since the launch of the podcast it has attracted over 700,000 subscribers and has perviously been named by Apple as the “Best New Podcast” in 2014 and winning the “Internet Award” in the Chortle Awards in 2015 & 2016.  In episode 211 the team start the podcast with 13 minutes taking a light hearted but factual look at our favourite subject by sharing their favourite staircase facts. You can listen here – but please be warned, some of the language and content may not be suitable for children.

Amongst other things in this episode, you’ll learn that in John Templar’s  book  ‘The staircase: studies of hazards, falls and safe designs’ we’re told that unmarried people & previously married people are at higher risk of staircase accidents and that notable mis-steps on staircases happen every 2222 stair uses and minor accidents happen every 63,000 stair uses.

You’ll also learn about research from the British woodworking Federation which finds that women fall downstairs more often than men (or at least admit it more readily). It also reveals that those in England’s North East are at most risk of falling down stairs while neighbouring Yorkshire & Humber residents had the least number of incidents.

Other useless staircase trivia in this episode includes the most stairs climbed on your head (36) and while balancing another person on your head (90), the most stairs tumbled down in a stunt (134) and the most stairs climbed while keeping a football in the air (4698). We also learn that competitive stair climbing (The most difficult sport that no one has ever heard of) is a real thing, that (according to his deputy Tom Watson) Jeremy Corbyn can climb 4 flights of stairs faster than anyone else in the Labour Party and that when Hitler took over Paris during WW2, members of the Resistance sabotaged all of the lifts in the Eiffel Tower so the Nazis would have to take the stairs!


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