New Staircases or Staircase Renovation Although not a part of the home that is often considered for refurbishment, the staircase, when professionally replaced or renovated, can become a beautiful centrepiece of any property.

Abbott-Wade are one of the country’s leading staircase manufacturing and renovation businesses. Formed in the mid-1990s we now have more than 22 years of experience to our name. We can produce both gorgeous new flights of stairs as well as bringing back to life outdated and out of fashion stairs with a bespoke staircase renovation.

But which is better? Which would be more suited to your home? New Staircase or Staircase Renovation?

New Staircase

Usually, we only design, supply and install a completely new staircase if your existing flight is structurally unsafe or does not conform to current UK building regulations. You will also need a new staircase if the design you choose requires a different footprint to the stairs you currently have.

We begin the work on your new staircase by carefully removing the existing flight – an act many of our competitors will not do. Before any work at started you will have sat down and gone through a detailed design process with one of our experienced designers. This done to make sure you are provided with what you would consider the perfect new staircase for your home. Our designers have worked in the industry for many years so there is nobody better to help you bring your design ideas to life.

Abbott-Wade uses only the highest-quality materials in order to produce new staircase of an exceptional level. We offer closed or open treads, straight or winding flights. We can also provide helical staircase designs, which gives you a curved staircase flight. By purchasing a new flight, you could incorporate glass into the design or rejig your floor space to create more room in the hallway.

Staircase Renovation

If your existing staircase is structurally secure then it will simply need a redesign and bit of a spruce up. One of our staircase renovations can give you the look of a completely new staircase, which is in line with popular designs and current trends, and all without having to remove or replace the flight.

The design stage again takes place with one of our team of designers, this involves us coming to your home to view your staircase and to discuss our variety of materials and style options. You can include timber, steel, glass, or a combination of them all to create a truly bespoke staircase refurbishment.

Part of this service normally includes the use of stair veneers which fit over your existing treads like a veneer would a tooth, to give the impression of an entirely new flight.

You can find out more about staircase renovations by visiting The Abbott-Wade Guide to Staircase Renovations! A staircase refurbishment from Abbott-Wade can change the entire look of not just your hallway, but your whole home.For further information regarding new staircases and staircase renovations, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team by calling 01744 347411 or by visiting our contact page, they will be more than happy to help with any queries you have.New Staircases vs Staircase Renovation

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