Half Landing with chamfered spindlesWe have 20 years experience installing new staircases and it’s important to make sure that whoever you choose to install your staircase knows exactly what they’re doing. As a trusted family business, all our staircases comply with current UK building regulations. From making sure that the steepness of the stairs (as dictated by the rise and going), complies with Section K1 of the building regulations to constructing balustrades using quality materials, we’re always one step ahead when it comes to ensuring your safety. We also know how to ensure that limitations imposed by the regulations do not need to compromise the design and aesthetics of your staircase.

Currently regulations dictate that no openings in the guarding of new flights exceed the maximum regulation size designed to ensure that children cannot fall through or become stuck in the stairs. If you’ve chosen an open-tread staircase to maximise the flow of light and emphasise the feeling of openness, this rule works against you. One technique we offer our customers is to manufacture the down-stands between the treads from glass for a near invisible look.

If the pitch of your staircase needs to be too steep for a standard flight and your don’t have or want the option of winders (turns) in the flight, our paddle stairs are not only functional but look stylish and modern too. If you have a drop of more than 600mm, you will also need to ensure you have balustrading to avoid the risk of falling, glass is a perfect option for this as you can maintain the feeling of open space – especially if you choose our 15mm frameless glass, thicker than the 10mm toughened safety glass we use as standard, either way, you know you’re clearly in safe hands.

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