Winston Wolfe was the famous ‘fixer’ from Pulp Fiction who defines his role with the line, ‘I solve problems’. We have no need for this Harvey Keitel character, instead we have Adam – our Abbott-Wade equivalent (only much less intimidating and far more friendly). Affectionately known to his friends as ‘Wiggy’, Adam’s career started in cabinet making – a trade which demands a keen eye for detail. His passion for renovating camper vans and building durable, quality longboards (skateboards to you and I) in his spare time has honed his ability to adapt his carpentry skills to solve almost any problem. All of this makes him the ideal perfectionist for the position of Abbott-Wade’s resident ‘Fixer‘, or Aftercare Fitter to give him his official title.

Far from being concerned at the need for having a dedicated Aftercare fitter, Abbott-Wade customers take reassurance in understanding that this is part of our commitment to ensuring that every job is completed to the highest standards and their Abbott-Wade warranty is a promise – not just a piece of paper. Because every Abbott-Wade staircase is a bespoke piece of craftsmanship, from time-to-time it may be necessary for a return visit to touch up a bespoke colour stain or resolve an issue which wasn’t noticed when a job was signed off by the customer. Naturally, it would be more concerning to know that a company working in your home did not have the facilities to resolve any problems which may arise after you’d parted with your hard-earned money.

It’s a role Adam enjoys as it allows him to utilise his full range of skills and meet customers up and down the country. When his services aren’t in demand, Adam can be found spending time in the Abbott-Wade workshop in Burtonwood crafting bespoke staircase components, assisting in our spray shop or even joining our other fitting teams with their new installations.

Most Abbott-Wade customers don’t have the pleasure of making Adam’s acquaintance, but those that do are impressed by his attention to detail and talents with wood.

A fresh faced Adam during his early career with Abbott-Wade

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