Moving home doesn’t come cheap and can be a leap into the unknown, that’s why more and more home owners are choosing to stay put and improve rather than move.

“for 1 in 8 homeowners creating more light was also a key motivation”

A survey of 1000 UK homeowners by Pilkington Glass found that the average UK homeowner has spent £11,240 on home improvements during the last 5 years as the needs of their family circumstances changes. These investments may come in the form of essential maintenance or creating more space. It’s interesting to note that 41% of these surveyed listed adding value to a property as the motive for carrying out home renovation while for 1 in 8 homeowners creating more light was also a key motivation.

There are several ways to create more light in a home – you may like to consider Velux windows or adding a conservatory. In many parts of your home however these are not viable options. For example, there are very few hallways where more light can be created in this way. Instead, it is worth considering how to maximise and emphasise what natural light you already have. Glass panels in your staircase balustrade are one way that Abbott-Wade can help you to achieve this.In addition, open-tread staircases also allow light to pass between the treads to fill the stairwell. Glass risers can used to increase the amount of light flow even further. Replacing darker woods with lighter timbers like oak or white stairs can also create the illusion of more light which in turn creates an illusion of more space.


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