Whether you’re marrying your prince in a small ceremony…or a real Prince in a palace, the staircase makes a beautiful backdrop. It can be dressed simply on a budget or elaborately at great expense – but either way, if it’s done right it will help to make the setting for your special day ever more perfect.

Think Pink. Or Blue. Or Yellow

Chances are your wedding has a colour theme which incorporates everything from the invitations to the bridesmaid dresses and flowers. Ribbons and fabric neatly draped and tied will flow down the stairs and are both pretty and relatively inexpensive

Credit: Dress Us Your Party

Garlands of Flowers & Foliage

Decorate your stair rails with garlands of lush green foliage tied with ribbon and simple flowers spaced at intervals.

Credit: WeddingBells.ca

Wedding Flowers

A good wedding deserves flowers! They aren’t cheap so why not assign members of the wedding party to bring them from the church to the reception venue to decorate the stairs ready for when you make your grand entrance.

Credit: The Wedding Scoop

Cascading Wedding Flowers

If money is no object or you have a garden bursting with blooms why not go all out and let your flowers cascade down the stairs into an impressive centrepiece?

Credit: Pinterest

Paper Lanterns

Simple and effective. Paper lanterns of varying size in white and cream tones make a big statement and are easy to install.

Credit: Pinterest

Light the way with Candles

Candles are relatively inexpensive and can be used to great effect to add soft lighting and a fairytale feeling – but beware candles and trailing dresses. Consider a string of electric lights as a safer alternative.

Credit: WeddingChicks.com

Candles & Flowers, the best of both worlds

As we’ve seen both candles and flowers make very effective decorative features for a wedding staircase. Why not combine the two for a fairy glen wedding staircase.

Credit: WeddingWire.com

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