Multiple national lockdowns have meant that we’re forgiven for becoming slightly bored of being stuck in our homes, with the same old surroundings. All of your home improvement projects were probably done in the first lockdown, right? But have you considered freshening up the look of your staircase and turning it into something more bespoke? This is normally overlooked due to the perceived scale and cost of the job, but it now might be time to consider how you can enhance the appeal of your staircase once and for all.

Below we have listed some staircase design ideas to think about when it comes to switching up the look of your staircase or giving it some added functions so it can become a smart space to help you live an efficient life around the home.

Check out some of our favourite staircase ideas below, you might find one that can change up your living space entirely for the better!

Add storage to your staircase

You can never have too much storage in your home. With a little imagination, you can use your staircase as a way of keeping smaller items hidden from view, allowing it to become even more important to your home. This way of making your staircase multi-functional is popular with those who look to run their home as efficiently as possible… do you fall under this bracket?

Depending on where your staircase is situated, you can close up your treads so they become drawers, keeping easily retrievable items within reach. If this doesn’t sound like your ideal solution, then you can also alter your staircase design to open up the balustrade to become a storage haven for larger items, whilst still performing its duty of keeping you safe when in use.

Make your staircase stand out with unique lighting

Let’s be honest, the staircase deserves a lot of attention. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary design, anyone who sets eyes on your staircase should be in awe. To achieve this affect, why not make it an even more attractive element of your home by giving it lighting that makes it stand out as its own entity?

To perfect this, you can add a strip of LED lights (available from most homeware stores) under each tread to give them each their own unique, eye catching quality. This additional lighting around the area of your stairs is a cheap and effective way of shedding some literal light on a part of the home that can often be cast in the shadows.

Use your staircase to save space

Have you ever heard of a compact staircase? If your home is on the smaller side, or you just feel like you could benefit from a larger area of leisurely activities, then they may be a viable option for you, and you haven’t even realised it!

This can mean simplifying the look of your staircase right down into something that purely “does a job”. This doesn’t put your home at a detriment either, as long as they are safe and a sufficient size for you, then who are we to tell you how you prefer your staircase?

Downsizing your staircase into something more space savvy, or adding a compact staircase to an area that is now in need of one, can be achieved with the help of the team of experts here at Abbott-Wade. Be sure to get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff and we will happily discuss more with you.

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