We offer a range of traditional and contemporary spindles. The id spindles concept comprises a range of ground breaking and imaginative spindles which will transform your staircase into a modern masterpiece full of character. Meticulous design has created eye catching shapes which look striking from every angle because of their multifaceted form.

The id range comprises three unique spindles; ez, flo & vu which are most popular in oak but can be made even more unique with a painted finish.



spindles ez

A slender spindle with opposing cut-outs on each side, the EZ has a hint of art deco and the paradox of a modern spindle with a slightly retro feel.


Picture 483

The Flo is a sculpted spindle with subtle curves to create a unique and striking visual effect on the stair. Once fitted, the Flo creates a wave effect which almost seems to flow as the staircase is viewed from different angles. Unlike most spindles, the Flo is equally at home in a contemporary setting or when adding a modern edge to a period home with little compromise to architectural heritage.



Picture 545

Vu create a new perspective, contrasting the simple straight lines of the spindle with an elliptical cut-out to add interest and visual appeal to your staircase.