How to Care for Your Glass Staircase

Regardless of a property’s style or design there are various ways glass can be used to bring a different, refreshing element to its décor. Many homes up and down the country have glass throughout and one of the most popular uses is to incorporate glass into their staircase style.

A lot of interior design trends point to more simple features and using glass as part of the staircase certainly falls into that bracket. Abbott-Wade have manufactured and fitted countless glass staircase styles and also offer bespoke staircase renovations which include glass. Normally, glass is used in a staircase to increase the amount of light which passes into the home, particularly in the hallway. The additional light which beams into the rooms makes them appear bigger and brings a generally cheerier and bright feel to the property.

However, glass does require special maintenance compared to other materials which are used to build a staircase. Dust and dirt can be more easily seen on glass than materials like timber or steel, so it is important our customers know how properly to maintain, clean and care for their glass staircase. Below we have detailed a few tips on how to care for your glass staircase.

Regularly Clean the Glass

It is important to consider your glass staircase will have to become part of your regular cleaning regime. Think about how often you clean other areas of your home which have glass in order to keep them clean. How often do you get your windows cleaned? How often do you clean mirrors in your home?

Make sure to purchase a specialist glass polish as regular surface polish may not be able to remove specks of dirt or greasy hand marks along the bannister and on the glass staircase panels. By investing in the correct cleaning products and ensuring you regularly clean your glass you will be able to keep it in a clean condition.

Choose the Finish Wisely

Depending on the glass finish you opt for there will be certain benefits you can reap in terms of how to care for your glass staircase. For example, we offer glass staircase panels of varying thicknesses. The thickness used in your staircase will depend on the design itself. A frameless style will require a thicker panel to provide strength otherwise gained from timber or steel staircase elements.

Some glass staircases have finishes that have benefits which help with the glass maintenance such as a strong resistance to dirt, water and scratches. Cleaning will still be required but the correct finish could make the process a lot easier and a lot less time consuming.

Be Careful Carrying Items on The Flight

While we use and provide safe, strong glass panel staircases at Abbott-Wade, the material is still naturally susceptible to damage and once a panel has been broken, shattered or cracked it is beyond repair and must be replaced. While panel replacements are of course possible they can prove costly so it is important to take care when ascending and descending the flight.

It is also important to remember when caring for your glass staircase to be cautious carrying items on the flight which could damage the frames if they make contact with them.

Inform a Specialist of Damage Immediately

While the point above details how to avoid damage when thinking about how to care for your glass staircase, damage is always a possibility regardless of the quality of the staircase. Unfortunately, accidents can happen.

Should damage occur it is of the utmost importance to let a staircase manufacturers like Abbott-Wade know immediately. The damage will not fix itself and must be tended to and repaired by someone fully-qualified to do so. Our hand-picked expert fitters and installers are always on hand regardless of the materials used in your staircase. Even if you think the problem is manageable or minimal it is worth getting an experienced specialist to check out any issues and to get them to advise the best course of action.

A glass staircase, whether a new flight of stairs or a staircase refurbishment, can last many, many years if properly maintained. They make a beautiful addition to any home, whatever the age or style of the property. For more information please get in touch with the helpful Abbott-Wade team by calling 01744 634442. You can also contact us by sending an email to

Glass Staircase Maintenance