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Helical Staircases

Staircases vary greatly in their size, layout and design and this is why all Abbott-Wade staircases are bespoke; built to each customers specifications to meet the needs of the individual home and fitted with precision craftsmanship. However, some staircases are a little more bespoke than others!

There are all sorts of different staircase designs; straight staircases, stairs with a winder or comprising a half or quarter landing. With so many stair designs available, perhaps the style requiring the most expertise is the helical staircase. Not to be confused with a spiral staircase, a helical staircase is a curved staircase requiring custom curved staircase components.

Transforming existing helical stairs requires precision measurements to ensure the helical rails run perfectly with the existing curved stairway.  Clearly no ‘off-the-shelf’ rails are suitable and a miscalculation of just a few millimetres can be disastrous! With such a challenge it makes sense to contact an expert staircase company with over 20 years of experience. Abbott-Wade’s detailed 3D digital survey allows our design team to build up an accurate 3D CAD model to allow the precision manufacture of custom helical rails.

Customer testimonial

To say we are thrilled with our new staircase in an understatement. So refreshing to have tradesmen in our home that deliver on what they promise - stunning glass staircase and professional and courteous fitters. Thank you Abbott Wade!"
Bill & Dianne, Cheshire


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