Glass, Oak, and White Staircases

The elegant white timber can feature in the ornate parts of the staircase such as the spindles, apron, and stringers, or simply in the base to contrast the balusters and handrail above.

The handrail and newel cap, subject to wear and tear from passing hands, should be manufactured from hardwearing oak to resist scuffs and scratches. If you choose to incorporate glass balusters, this will elevate the stairway’s appearance in a simple yet elegant way, allowing the increased light flow to make the area feel more spacious.

All our staircases are bespoke, so whilst our team are happy to provide their expert guidance, the final appearance will always be entirely in your hands.

The expertise and knowledge of our experienced design and installation professionals will ensure that your oak and glass staircase is not only beautiful, but also as durable as possible.

Investing in an innovative oak and white staircase is sure to brighten your home and make travelling between floors a breeze. If you decide to go for this gorgeous oak and glass staircase, you’ll be the recipient of a high-quality service from our staircase experts. We’ve spent many years creating stunning staircase designs in homes up and down the country.

What are glass stair panels?

Glass stair panels are a modern way of connecting the base of your staircase to the handrail, providing an attractive and contemporary alternative to traditional wooden spindles.

When you think of stair panels, the boxed-in look of the 1960s may spring to mind. However, those stair panels were usually constructed from wood, which entirely blocked the flow of light. This resulted in dark stairways (often decorated with ghastly wallpaper) that looked even smaller than they were.

Abbott Wade supply beautiful contemporary glass stair panels, which, unlike the wooden stair panels of yesteryear, increase the flow of light in your home and make your hallways appear larger.

Whilst glass stair panels can be installed without a handrail for a minimalistic effect, we think they look their best when paired with a beautiful oak handrail.

Glass stair panels combined with an oak and white staircase can add a classic touch with a modern twist to any home, regardless of its style and age.

At Abbott-Wade, we specialise in manufacturing and installing glass staircases, so we’re definitely the people to call if a glass panelled oak and white staircase piques your interest. Our professional team skilfully tackles all jobs swiftly and efficiently without ever compromising on quality.

Why our clients love our oak and glass staircases

Making the change from old-fashioned wooden spindles to a stylish oak and glass staircase isn’t solely an aesthetic choice. Whilst it’s definitely the case that oak and glass staircases look extremely elegant and can give your hallway an instant facelift, there are also more pragmatic reasons for choosing a staircase with an oak and glass finish.

Wooden spindles are famous for being dust traps. Not to mention that painting them can be a real chore. Oak and glass staircases, on the other hand, require only minimal maintenance. In fact, a regular wipe down is sufficient to keep them looking as good as new for many years. As there is nowhere for dust and pet hair to get trapped, your stairway will look and feel much cleaner – and brighter!

Modern oak and glass staircase designs

Abbott Wade can make your dream oak and glass staircase a reality. Choosing to upgrade or replace your old staircase with a modern oak and glass staircase design can bring a real wow factor to your home, with all our work completed in-house for a straightforward installation with minimal hassle. You may be surprised to learn that we can transform your hallway with a beautiful oak and glass staircase in as little as one day.

When you arrange an in-home consultation with our team, we’ll bring samples to show you and explain the most suitable options for your needs and wants. You can choose an oak and glass staircase, or incorporate any materials and styles you like, to suit your current home décor or completely overhaul it. We’ll only start work on your oak and glass staircase once you’re completely satisfied with the final design, and we’ll give you a designated date and time frame to complete the installation.

Are glass and oak staircases safe?

Safety concerns can be a key reason why people are hesitant to install glass and oak staircases in their homes. However, our glass staircase panels are manufactured from specially toughened glass, which is extremely durable and 100% safe.

For those customers with young children or pets, we advise opting for a close-fit solid glass staircase with oak handrail for extra peace of mind. This design ensures that there will be no gaps for little limbs, heads (or paws) to become trapped.

Our skilled installation team can even precision cut the glass to the shape of your stair treads, guaranteeing an exact fit. This means that you can choose to have a lighter, more spacious feel to your home, by having a modern glass staircase with oak handrail installed, without compromising on safety.

All our glass staircase panels are made from 10mm toughened Pilkington glass. This ensures that your glass balustrade will not only look spectacular but will be strong enough to last for decades.

Bespoke oak and glass staircases

Like all our projects, we can tailor our oak and glass staircases to suit any design idea. So, if you have a specific idea in mind, let us know!

As an Abbott-Wade client, you can also choose from bronzed and sandblasted glass or Low-Iron Optiwhite glass as alternatives to clear glass staircase panels. There really are so many options available for bespoke oak and glass staircases, and we will work with you until every aspect is just as you dreamed.

Speak to us about oak and glass staircases today

If you’d love to be Abbott Wade’s next satisfied customer, get in touch with us today to make your dream oak and white staircase a reality. Just give us a call on 01744 634 442 or email us at Alternatively, you can also fill out our online form now for a free quote.

White Oak and Glass Staircase FAQs

How much does an oak and glass staircase cost?

Here at Abbott-Wade, we promise our customers the best value for money around. As we tailor our work around your bespoke requirements, we are unfortunately unable to provide specific base rates. While we can suggest a quote if you already have a fully realised staircase design, it’s likely for aspects to change following consultations with our team. Any upfront estimate without the full specifications of your final design may be inaccurate, and we wouldn’t want you to end up going over your budget.

This is why we prefer to work with customers on an individual basis to consider each specific request in full. We can then provide a well-rounded detailed quote for your oak and glass staircase without any additional hidden costs creeping up down the line. To get your FREE quote, make sure you speak to one of our team of experts today. We’ll gladly discuss your requirements so you can receive our competitively priced service and make your dream staircase a reality.

Bear in mind that the overall cost of your project will depend on many factors. For example, replacing an old stairway with an oak and white staircase will cost more than renovating an existing staircase due to the extra work required. Your choice of spindle or baluster materials and design will also affect the final bill, while the size, shape, and complexity of the staircase will determine installation costs. Bespoke staircases are, of course, more of an investment than an off-the-shelf solution, because we go the extra mile to ensure your new staircase is exactly how you want it to be.

Is it easy to replace an existing staircase with an oak and glass staircase?

The difficulty of the installation is dependent on the kind of staircase refurbishment that you’re looking for, whether it’s on a smaller scale or a dramatic change requiring more time and attention. By relying on the experts at Abbott-Wade, you’ll benefit from our many years of experience in the field of staircase renovation, as we make light work of any task brought our way! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel like it’s time to change your long-standing stairs and make way for a brand new oak and glass staircase. We can work with you to ensure you see your required results quickly.

Staircase renovations work with the existing structure and simply replace components with your chosen new materials, which can be done in as little as 1 day. When it comes to total refurbishments and replacements, this is a longer process from start to finish, but it’s much simpler than you might imagine. We’ll invite you to consult with our experts on the best configurations of materials and balustrade styles to help you create a staircase that’s both a stylish and practical centrepiece.

Finalising the design is likely to be the most difficult part, as you’ll have so many possibilities to choose from. Once you’ve committed to your desired staircase style, we’ll get to work crafting the components for you. We’ll give you a suggested timeframe according to the amount of work we need to do. When it comes to building the staircase in your home, the installation itself is a straightforward process. The trained professionals at Abbott-Wade will work efficiently to complete your oak and white staircase as quickly as possible to minimise interruption to your daily life.

What's the best way to protect oak stairs?

An oak and glass staircase is a thing of beauty, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to keep it looking its best. With this in mind, make sure that you’re taking all the necessary steps (pardon the pun) to keep your new staircase protected from potential damage. Wood varnish, oil, or wax can be used to keep your staircase looking pristine for a prolonged period, but be sure to do the necessary research on these kinds of products so you use the appropriate type.

Incredible aesthetics aside, oak and glass are extremely strong and durable materials with little maintenance required. However, staircases are high-traffic areas in every home, so you’ll need to put in a little effort to prevent excessive wear from all those feet. It’s a good idea to ban heeled shoes on the stairs, even if the treads are carpeted. You should be hoovering or brushing the stairs and wiping down the balustrades on a regular basis as part of your home cleaning routine, but never use cleaning products with bleach or harsh chemicals.

Frequent foot traffic will eventually wear down protective varnish topcoats, so it’s advisable to re-apply a protective substance at least once a year. The best long-term preservative is a clear varnish, which protects the wood against knocks and stains. It also makes it easier to wipe clean. Additionally, you could apply a wood oil periodically and polish with a layer of wax to make your staircase look glossy and new. Regular TLC will keep your oak and white staircase in the best possible shape for years to come.

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