By definition – we’re not your typical family business. Think of a family business and you might consider a business run by two siblings or a husband and wife team. At Abbott-Wade you’ve got a dig a little deeper to see just how deep the roots of this family tree really go.

In addition to the the Abbott-Wade family, the branches of the family tree have now spread even wider. When Designer Chris Davies told us he’d like to bring his son Max on board we knew that it was a great idea. Chris has been working in the staircase industry for many years meaning Max has grown up in and around the world of staircases and so it was only natural that he should follow in his fathers footsteps. Better still, Max can readily utilise the wealth of experience and knowledge gained by Chris.

“I’m delighted to be working along side Max,” beams proud Dad Chris. “He’s a great guy and has always worked hard so it’s wonderful to see him doing so well.”

For Chris, it’s almost like seeing a fledgeling fly the nest. Over the years Max had occasionally joined him on some of his appointments and more recently as Max looked set on following in his dads footsteps he became less of a side kick and more of a partner. Now Max is flying solo and he is a hit with his clients.

“I’ve really enjoyed working along side Dad. He’s been a great mentor and has taught me a lot – and it won’t be long before I’ll be able to teach him a few things,” jokes Max, though behind the humour it’s clear that he is ambitions and has aspirations of becoming a leading player in the world of staircase design.