Types of Staircase

Home designs are becoming more and more adventurous and, here at Abbott-Wade, we are tasked with installing many different kinds of staircases, for many different reasons – perhaps as a fundamental part of a house build, to let more natural light flow through or simply to update the look of a home. Whatever your reason for a new staircase, we’re here to help. And, in this post, we take a look at some different types of staircases on offer.

Straight staircase

Straight staircases are the most common types of staircase and can be seen in many homes across the globe. Their linear design makes them the easiest to use. It also make them straightforward to install, so are a design that we can implement quickly in your home.

Their simplicity helps to create a minimalist look which can subtly blend with the rest of your home design rather than distracting away from the look you’re hoping to achieve. The only drawback to this type of staircase is that they do use up space in your hallway, which can get in the way of other features that you would like to incorporate.

L shaped staircase

If you are looking for a variation of the straight staircase, then an L shaped staircase could be for you. To achieve this design, a landing is added to the point where the direction changes. This gives users a secure platform to change direction, whilst adding safety to the staircase by giving users a place to rest before this change.

Usually the bend for L shaped staircases is 90 degrees to make the most of the space you have available. These staircases are particularly useful if you are looking to locate them in the corner of a room to preserve space – they can also add privacy between floors with the bend providing a visual barrier.

Open tread staircase

If you are looking for a way to free up light and space in your hallway then an open tread staircase could be the perfect solution.

Open tread staircases help to create a minimalistic look, whilst still providing a strong and sturdy staircase option. The design leaves out the risers between the treads, allowing light to flow through and creating the illusion of more space for a streamlined, contemporary look.

Curved staircase

If space isn’t at a premium in your home then investing in a curved staircase could be a great option for you. If you want a full 360◦ turn then a larger arc – and more space – is required, although it’s not essential to do a full turn.

Curved stairs create a talking point and are sure to add a touch of elegance to any home or business,  providing a stylish first impression.

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