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The St Helens Star Star hails the success of The Staircase Specialists

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The St Helens Star was the first place to feature an Abbott-Wade advertisement over 20 years go. Back in 1996 it felt like a big investment for our fledgling business but our local community has seen us in there ever since, even though we now have a nationwide service and can now be found in the national broadsheet newspapers.

This makes their shared celebration of our success even more meaningful as they’ve been with us right from the very beginning.

You can read the article below or on the St Helens Star online by clicking the link at the foot of the page:

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Your guarantee. What’s it worth?

Abbott-Wade are one of those rare and privileged companies – but it is a privilege we have have earned. We may not be big, but we have a trusted heritage spanning over 20 years specialising in staircase installations and renovations. This means that when our customers choose our award winning family business, they can take great assurance in the value of our guarantee.

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Heartfelt best wishes

Recent weeks have had up and downs and been filled with mixed emotions. In a week which has seen so much celebration for us, there has also been bad news. One of our main competitors has entered liquidation leaving people out of work and customers disappointed. Our industry is very specialised and as such we all move in similar circles. We have always shared a friendly rivalry and know many of those who worked at the company in various capacities. We would like to send out our best wishes to all those affected at this sad time and wish them all the best going forward. We would also like to reassure our customers that after 20 years in business, Abbott-Wade is stronger and more vibrant than ever and we will continue to offer our customers the highest standards of service and installation as we ever have.

We’ve Nothing To Hide

You know all those carefully photoshopped images you see all over the internet and in glossy magazines? You won’t find any here, that’s part of our honest approach to staircases and to our customers. If you’re going to be spending your hard earned money on a new staircase – you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting. It’s only fair, that’s why we have nothing to hide. Our Terms & Conditions are printed on the reverse of our Sales Agreement which is given to all customers when our designers visit. Unlike many Terms & Conditions they aren’t full of technical jargon to try and catch you out. Their purpose is to be informative so you know exactly what to expect and the specifications we work to. We also email a link to the latest version of our Terms & Conditions on our website and our Frequently Asked Questions page which prepares our customers for what they should expect during an installation. There is also more important information for customers purchasing New Flights. What’s more, there aren’t many companies we know of who will be honest and transparent enough to publish this information on their news page for any prospective customer to read. That’s because we want our customers to make an informed decision.

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