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Staircase Rennovation

Renovate your staircase in 2020 with Abbott-Wade

It’s a new year – a new decade even – so what better time for a change? Are you ready to embrace 2020 and transform the look of your home with a whole new staircase design? Then let the multi-award winning team here at Abbot Wade help.

Stairs are a key feature in your home but can often be overlooked, seen instead as a practical necessity rather than a design feature. A tired, neglected staircase can easily make a home feel out of date, but by giving it a whole new look, your house can feel revitalised for years to come.

Beat those January blues, and create a new lease of life for your property, with a staircase renovation:

Open tread staircases

Open tread staircases are growing in popularity and it isn’t difficult to understand why. They look great, allow the flow of natural light and help to create a sense of space in a home that may be void of it.

To perform this restoration, we will remove the carpet from your flight of stairs (if you have one) and take out the wood that closes off the treads. We will clad over the existing components of your staircase and create the illusion of a new staircase while maintaining the charm and character of your old one. This can usually be done in a single day, as our experienced team at Abbott-Wade look to achieve your dream staircase as efficiently as possible.

Sandblasted glass staircase renovation

If it’s light that you’re after then another way of adding more natural light to your space can be with the use of sandblasted glass to create a frosted look that is popular with contemporary flights of stairs. This refurbishment is normally a simple process for our experts, replacing any existing spindles you have with a sheet of this wonderfully modern material to instantly rejuvenate your staircase.

We often find that it is a popular move to replace an older staircase that fills the space, with something that can let natural light shine through creating a brighter more welcoming home.

This sandblasted effect works perfectly if you are looking to achieve natural light without using fully transparent glass and can, with a staircase refurbishment, can transform the look of your home.

Adding hardwood treads to your staircase

When people come to us asking about a staircase renovation, most of the time they talk about wanting to add a wooden element to their staircase. Recently this has changed from adding oak spindles to wanting to change their staircase to include hardwood treads to their staircase, minus the carpet.

When we respond with “ok, no problem!”, customers are often surprised that we can provide a refurb that allows for oak treads. Due to the extent of our industry skill and knowhow, we are able to provide this here at Abbott-Wade.

Old staircase renovation is made easy by our skilled installation professionals. They cleverly clad over any softwood treads with a solid oak finish, creating the appearance of a new solid oak staircase. We ensure that we make these safe to use to avoid any slip hazard by finishing this with a non-slip coating.

Contact us

Ready to make the change? If so, our friendly, experienced team would love to speak to you regarding your plans for a staircase remodel.

Expert advice and assistance is just a phone call away on 01744 634 442, or you can send us an email at for a quick response from one of our team.

What our customers say: We’ll be recommending Abbott-Wade

In the early days of Abbott-Wade, a large amount of our new business was generated by word of mouth. Over 20 years on we find ourselves in same position except recommendations now come from all over the country. For us, it’s proof that we’re doing an excellent job, treating our customers well and leaving them happy.

So what is it about Abbott-Wade which makes our customers so keen to recommend us?

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What our customers say: An honest way to do business

You may expect us to sugarcoat everything but it’s not what you want and that’s not what we do! The Abbott-Wade approach is to be open and honest from the outset so you know exactly what to expect. Similarly we don’t have silly sales throughout the year, we just offer our best price all year round. This means our customers know exactly what to expect with no nasty surprises further down the line.

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What our customers say: A larger range & superior designs!

We have always taken great care to source install the highest quality materials in our staircases. Since 1996 we have forged strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best final product for all our customers. Our customers tell us that our designs are superior and they were confident in our service.



“Abbott-Wade had a choice of designs that was far superior to others and were sympathetic to a difficult placing of the staircase. ”  Mr & Mrs Mansfield, Surrey


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What our customers say: A friendly, professional service

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Abbott-Wade. Beautiful bespoke staircases do not happen by accident. Our small team will manage your installation from start to finish. From the first design visit and survey to the final installation, our team work behind the scenes booking appointments, ordering and quality materials and pre-finishing all the staircase components your installation needs. Combined with our first-rate installation teams it all culminates in the overall service which Abbott-Wade customers have grown to love over the years.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 13.11.42

“Please thank the whole team for the installation of this staircase. This professional service and quality finish was in stark contrast to our dealings with the installation of the original staircase from the previous supplier. This has really helped us out and we appreciate everyone’s efforts.” – Mr Kelly, Rickmansworth

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What our customers say: “We have the experience & expertise”

Since 1996, we have built an unrivalled reputation which, according to our customers, sets us apart from other companies. Experience and expertise like ours cannot be bought. They can only be earned with time, commitment and ability. These are increasingly important factors for our customers.



“We chose Abbott-Wade because they were extremely accommodating. Despite our challenging requirements they were happy to do exactly as we specified without trying to influence us in to making any compromises.” – Mr & Mrs Slater, Blackburn

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What our customers say: Customer Service Is Important

“We were keen to express just how delighted we were with the whole experience – Thanks for a great service.” – Mr & Mrs Avery, Cambridgeshire

At Abbott-Wade, we know that transforming your staircase is an investment of your time as well as the financial commitment. We understand that customer service is important to our customers. As a family business, we make a point of treating our customers the way we would expect to be treated: With respect, patience and kindness. That’s why our award-winning business has award-winning customer service.

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The St Helens Star Star hails the success of The Staircase Specialists

St Helens Star Header

The St Helens Star was the first place to feature an Abbott-Wade advertisement over 20 years go. Back in 1996 it felt like a big investment for our fledgling business but our local community has seen us in there ever since, even though we now have a nationwide service and can now be found in the national broadsheet newspapers.

This makes their shared celebration of our success even more meaningful as they’ve been with us right from the very beginning.

You can read the article below or on the St Helens Star online by clicking the link at the foot of the page:

Abbott-Wade_St_Helens_Star_Award Continue reading…

Your guarantee. What’s it worth?

Abbott-Wade are one of those rare and privileged companies – but it is a privilege we have have earned. We may not be big, but we have a trusted heritage spanning over 20 years specialising in staircase installations and renovations. This means that when our customers choose our award winning family business, they can take great assurance in the value of our guarantee.

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