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6 Ways to Step Up Your Home’s Style with Smart Staircase Design

Usually, staircases are designed primarily for function. However, just because it is small and narrow, it doesn’t mean that your staircase shouldn’t be just as much of a representation of your personal style as the rest of your house. While grand stairways are common in mansions, for the majority of homes, stairs don’t live up to their full interior décor potential.

If you would like your home to have a creative stairway that isn’t just noticed when you are moving from one floor to another, specialists from an interior design company in Dubai share below six ways to step up your home’s style with the right staircase design.

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Choosing an Oak Staircase from Abbott-Wade

Choose an Oak Staircase

When considering a new staircase or a renovation of your existing flight it is important to choose the correct materials. A staircase must be strong, it must be hard wearing and durable. After all it is one of the most used parts of the home as we all descend and ascend our staircases several times a day. One of the toughest and most popular staircase materials is timber and the Abbott-Wade range of oak staircases is amongst our most sought-after collections.

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Staircase School

The Staircase Terminology You Need To Know

Like houses, there are many different types of staircases and they come in all different shapes and sizes which means our renovations and new flights do too. We’re the staircase experts and that’s why we’re here to guide your though your staircase project every step of the way and the staircase terminology which will help you along the way.

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National Family Business Awards 2018


We’ve done it again!

We are delighted to confirm that our multi-award winning Family Business has received yet another prestigious accolade. Following on from our success at the last years awards, Abbott-Wade were winners again at the prestigious National Family Business Awards at a ceremony held at Wembley Stadium on 14th July 2018!

National Family Business Awards 2018

Abbott-Wade were honoured to receive The Customer Service Award for the North West region at the ceremony which was hosted by Anita Brightly-Hodges, Chairman of the Family Business Place amid stiff competition from finalists representing the finest family businesses in the UK . Fellow recipients included celebrated business men & women like Charlie Mullins OBE who was also picking up an award on the night on behalf of Pilmico Plumbers. It was a truly family affair with Abbott-Wade being represented by Directors Craig Abbott & Mike Wade, their wives and parents as well as other members of the Abbott-Wade team. It was a proud moment for Craig & Mike’s parents who were also there to see their sons take to the stage to receive their award. For them, it was wonderful to witness another great achievement for their boys after seeing their journey to get there from humble beginnings back in 1996.

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Staircase Design Options to Improve Your New Staircase

Staircase Design Tips

When to comes it improving your staircase there are many, many staircase design options available from Abbott-Wade.

We are one of the country’s most renowned staircase companies and our multitude of options allow you to find the perfect staircase for your home. Formed in 1996, we have been providing various staircase design tips and options to homeowners across the length of breadth of the UK for over 22 years – something which saw us recognised as the Best Small Business in the North West at the National Family Business Awards in July 2017.

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Why Choose Abbott Wade When Changing Your Staircase

Changing Your Staircase

There are countless options when it comes to changing your staircase. You can change the treads, whether to have a handrail and you can also choose which type of posts to have. Changing staircases is a big thing for any homeowner which is why it is important to choose the best firm possible when it comes to picking someone to trust to transform your staircase.

Abbott-Wade are one of the UK’s premier staircase companies and were winners of the Best Small Business in the North West award at the National Family Business Awards in July 2017. They have a vast amount of experience when it comes to changing staircases. We have been performing staircase renovations and staircase replacements since 1996 and our hand-picked, fully trained designers, fitters and installers are all equally equipped to give you the staircase of your dreams.

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Abbott-Wade Newel Post Styles

Abbott-Wade newel posts add a bespoke touch to your staircase installation

There are many factors which add an individual touch to one of our bespoke staircase installations. By offering our customers different styles, colours and materials for our many stair parts we can ensure that every staircase we install fits perfectly into their surroundings. As well as offering a range of handrail and balustrade styles, we can also offer an array of newel posts. A newel post is a staircase’s supporting pillar which in addition to being a structural component, can provide aesthetic and decorative properties to make a feature of the stairway.

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No Such Thing As A Fish (Episode 211): No such thing as a photograph of a river

Staircase Trivia Hits The Airwaves!

No Such Thing as a Fish is a podcast series produced and presented by the researchers from the popular television series QI collectively known as “The QI Elves”. Every week the team present their favourite fact that they have come across that week. Since the launch of the podcast it has attracted over 700,000 subscribers and has perviously been named by Apple as the “Best New Podcast” in 2014 and winning the “Internet Award” in the Chortle Awards in 2015 & 2016.  In episode 211 the team start the podcast with 13 minutes taking a light hearted but factual look at our favourite subject by sharing their favourite staircase facts. You can listen here – but please be warned, some of the language and content may not be suitable for children.

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Before & After: Changing Spindles to Clamped Glass

Before & After: Changing spindles to clamped glass

With over 20 years as The Staircase Specialists we’ve shown that Abbott-Wade transforms homes with expertise and experience which is the envy of our industry. We’ve transformed all types of balustrades and will continue to do so. On this page we show real photographs taken by our installations team within customers homes who have replaced their tired spindles in favour of our clamped glass panels.

Replacing tired spindles with our stylish 10mm toughen glass panels is a popular choice among Abbott-Wade clients. While the colour and finish of painted spindles can add a feeling of continuity between different parts of the home, this can be achieved by choosing stainless steel or brass clamps to secure the glass in position which can match other fixtures & fittings such as door furniture or light fixtures.

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Why choose a Bespoke Contemporary Staircase from Abbott-Wade

Contemporary Staircases

If you are looking for a new staircase but are unsure which style to put into place then you should consider a bespoke contemporary staircase design from Abbott-Wade, one of the country’s premier staircase renovators and manufacturers.

It is our objective to bring bespoke staircases to homes across the UK. Through our unique level of creativity, we have already helped many, many homeowners to achieve a modern, contemporary staircase of their dreams. From start to finish we are in a constant consultation with our customers and our affordable service means that every home can benefit from a creative, bespoke staircase style from us.

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