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The National Family Business Awards 2019: NATIONAL CHAMPIONS


It’s Official!  We are delighted to announce that Abbott-Wade have scooped the highest award at the prestigious National Family Business Awards at Wembley Stadium, the only awards to recognise Family Businesses at a National Level with entrants of all sizes from all four corners of the UK & Ireland.


The prestigious awards celebrated their 10th Annual Event in style with a glittering ceremony held at Wembley Stadium, The Home of Champions. Unlike many awards, the National Family Business Awards aren’t judged on turnover. Instead their independent judging panel get to the heart of what really makes each nominee such an extraordinary family firm. From small first generation businesses to fifth generation giants; their aim is to recognise the very best, regardless of size.

Members of the Abbott-Wade pose inside Wembley Stadium before the awards ceremony.

It was the third time we’ve been selected as finalists at the awards having previously picked up the North West regional awards for both Customer Service and the Best Small Business. In a change to previous ceremonies with new categories, no regional awards were presented. Instead only Gold, Silver & Bronze National Level awards were presented for the very best in each category making the awards, now in their 10th year, more competitive than ever. The Gold Award winner would be crowned National Champion – the highest level of award for UK Family Business. Abbott-Wade were nominated in the coveted Luxury Brand Category, and overcoming all odds achieved the highest award, beating Britains oldest Family-Run jeweller to the top spot, an 8th generation family owned firm established almost 260 years ago.

Members of the Abbott-Wade families took to the stage to accept their award and to thank the hundreds of representatives in attendance before being whisked away for a champagne reception.

After a nail biting wait, the winners were announced and representatives of the team took to the stage to thank the judges and delegates and receive the trophy and certificate. It was proud moment and a real honour for the individuals on the stage and the colleagues they represented.

 “Family & Business are the two of the biggest devotions of time, finances and commitment in life. For most people these are entirely separate entities but it makes a family business a business like no other and we are honoured to be counted among them!”  Mike Wade

The event was hosted by The Family Place , the UKs most vibrant network for British, Family owned businesses. Family businesses employ 13.2 million people and generate over a quarter of UK GDP [source: Family Business Place]. Abbott-Wade are thrilled to be flying the flag for family firms and for North West businesses on a National Stage. From humble beginnings in 1996, their hand-picked workforce has grown to employ 5 fitting teams made up of local craftsmen, all trained in-house to install their bespoke, pre-finished staircases nationwide. The company includes a network of family members spanning 3 generations of the Abbott & Wade families from step sons & fathers to cousins & in-laws each utilising their own specialisms. The team have built a successful and sustainable business with old-fashioned family values to create a legacy to be proud of by putting customers at the forefront of everything they do.

Members of the Family Business Place including founder Anita Brightley-Hodges and event Director Susan Anderson personally congratulate the Abbott-Wade team.

Watch: Abbott-Wade’s Full Twist Oak Spindles

This Stylish Oak Staircase Renovation With Abbott-Wade’s Full-Twist Spindles Is Captivating

Abbott-Wade offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary spindles with styles to suit every home. This installation uses our Full-Twist Spindles which are manufactured using cutting edge CNC technology. Full Twist spindles have a contemporary design with a hint of traditionally turned spindles in their silhouette. This culminates to create a subtlety modern feel with contemporary lines but the warmth and elegance of traditional design.

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The Abbott-Wade Family Tree

The roots of the Abbott-Wade family tree run deep and the branches spread wide. Unlike many family businesses which claim the title as they’re run by two siblings, a married couple or a parent & child – family is more than just at the heart of our business, it is the spine which runs right through it with three generations of family employed.

Meet the Family

Of course we not all related but we do like to think of Abbott-Wade as a big happy family and look out for each other as though we were. Over the years, many members of the family have played their role. Craig’s Uncle Paul provided a fledgling Abbott-Wade one of its first contracts and went on join the sales team for several years. Mike’s father Derek, a painter and decorator by trade, transformed our new premises (a huge undertaking) after the building work was completed to create an attractive working environment. Mums Christine and Jean packed the first packed lunches all those years ago and since have stepped in when called upon to add a helping hand in the office and provided valued advice.

A family business is a business like no other and were proud to be counted among them!

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Watch #TeamAbbottWade take on Born Survivor for The Stroke Society


We are many things. We are the pioneers of the Staircase Industry. We are a Family Business. We are Award Winners. In January 2019 when our good friend and colleague was struck down by a Stroke – we became #TeamAbbottWade. The Abbott-Wade family, staff and the family & friends of our good friend Colin united like never before to raise as much money as we could to help the Stroke Association support more victims of Stroke and rebuild lives.

We’re delighted to say that since the events in January, Colin’s improvement has been remarkable and we immensely proud of his tenacity to recover.

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AI 2019 Business Excellence Awards


Acquisition International are the voice of modern business and have now proudly announced  the UK Winners of the 2019 Business Excellence Awards.

We’re delighted to be named among the UK winners for 2019 as the Best Quality Staircase Company in Northern England.

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Watch: Climbing Big Ben & The Elizabeth Tower

There’s something strangely satisfying about looking behind the scenes of an iconic building and there are fewer buildings more famous than the Houses of Parliament and the iconic Clock Tower. The tower was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in 2012 in honour of Queen Elizabeths jubilee and stands 96 meters tall housing 11 floors. The Elizabeth Tower is often mistakenly called Big Ben which is actually the name of the bell within the tower inscribed with the name of Sir Benjamin Hall, First Commissioner for Works after whom it is believed the bell takes it’s name.

Within the belfry (whose bells were first broadcast by the BBC in 1932) is a spiral with 334 steps with a total of 399 to the lantern (the Ayrton Light) and an elevator is also expected to be added during the current restoration work. You can take a trip up the historic staircase (without having sore legs in the morning) by watching the video below:

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The space under your stairs

Making the most of the space under your stairs

Space is a valuable resource, especially as modern homes get smaller. It makes sense to utilise the space under and around your staircase and there are many ways to do it. It may be a practical use or purely aesthetic. There’s no right or wrong – it’s a choice based on what’s best suited for you and your home. On our travels around the country we’ve seen some lovely uses of this space and this is a collection of some of our favourites.

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Family Ties

chris & max

By definition – we’re not your typical family business. Think of a family business and you might consider a business run by two siblings or a husband and wife team. At Abbott-Wade you’ve got a dig a little deeper to see just how deep the roots of this family tree really go.

In addition to the the Abbott-Wade family, the branches of the family tree have now spread even wider. When Designer Chris Davies told us he’d like to bring his son Max on board we knew that it was a great idea. Chris has been working in the staircase industry for many years meaning Max has grown up in and around the world of staircases and so it was only natural that he should follow in his fathers footsteps. Better still, Max can readily utilise the wealth of experience and knowledge gained by Chris.

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Before & After: Changing spindles to embedded glass

Before & After: Changing spindles to embedded glass


One of the popular trends we have have seen over recent years is customers moving away from traditionally turned spindles in favour of glass. This is largely due to a desire to create a bright contemporary space within the heart of the home but there are practical implications to be considered too.

smith- spindles to frameless glass
white - spindles to frameless glass

Abbott-Wade’s embedded glass gives clean, straight lines which not only looks sleek and stylish but is easy to dust and allows light to flood the stairway.

One of the biggest transformations can be seen where a dark timber balustrade is transformed by a glass renovation.

The transformation pictured below emphasises the increased impression of openness a glass balustrade can create. The glass front of the property shows off the staircase with the glass balustrade allowing a flow of light through the house from front to back.

bennett 1 - spindles to glass
bennett 2 - spindles to glass

Many customers tell us that the additional dusting required between each spindles and that after painting the spindles every few years, the time, effort and drip marks involved have been a significant motivation for their decision to choose a glass installation.

adams1 - spindles to glass
adams2- spindles to glass

Read more about our glass staircases here.

Each of the Before & After image blocks on this page are taken before and after a real Abbott-Wade installation from UK homes visited by our installation teams. Some of the images may be taken at different stages of completion with carpets/decoration left unfinished.

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