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Benefits to Adding an Abbott-Wade Painted Staircase to Your Home

Adding an Abbott-Wade Painted Staircase to Your Home

Looking to refresh the décor in your home? A staircase renovation can help to rejuvenate your entire home. One of the most sought after designs available is a painted staircase. They can provide a completely new look that stands out as soon as you walk through your front door.

At Abbott-Wade we are an award-winning family business who provide homes up and down the country with staircase refurbishments. But what are the benefits of adding one of our painted flights to your property? Continue reading…

Watch: A Pristine White Staircase Renovation

This Pristine White Painted Staircase Renovation Will Wow All Visitors To This Home

All Abbott-Wade staircases are bespoke installations but can be made even more unique using colour. We offer a range of standard paints and stains and well as our unique colour compliment service to find the best bespoke colour for your home.

This staircase was transformed completely using pristine white stair parts and glass to make the entirety of the hall, stairs and landing feel much bigger and brighter. Contrast was added with a luxuriously soft charcoal carpet and splashes of colour from the green foliage and flowers. Watch the video to tour the complete installation and be inspired to how a new staircase could transform your home.


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Refresh Your Home with a Contemporary Staircase

Refresh Your Home with a Contemporary Staircase

Are you looking to refresh and modernise your home? A staircase renovation can transform your flight and bring a rejuvenated feel to the entire property. After all, stairs are more often than not the first thing people see when they enter a house.

Here at Abbott-Wade, we have been performing staircase refurbishments since the 1990s. Our contemporary staircases can help to bring to modern touch to your home regardless of its age or style. Modern staircase designs usually include glass combined with various other materials such as timber and steel. Adding glass allows light to move freely through your hallway and adds an elegant touch to flights that were previously made entirely out of one material. Each glass staircase panel we use is 10mm Pilkington glass that has been toughened to provide a safe, yet stunning look. Continue reading…

Born Survivor & The Stroke Society

Born Survivor flag

We’re a Family Business which means that even though we’re not all related we look after our own as if we were. We were shocked and saddened when a very good friend and colleague was afflicted with a stroke earlier this year. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off and can cause severe long term damage.

We have been inspired by his grit and determination to recover and overcome the effects of this stroke. In tribute to his heroic efforts members from all departments of the team; fitters, office staff, designers and directors will be participating in a gruelling Born Survivor event and are preparing to run, climb, haul, leap, slide and crawl through the wet, muddy and muscle sapping course.

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Staircase Stories: Mr Dunstan, Portsmouth

“Entering our front door now is an entirely new and exciting experience!”

A quirky staircase in Portsmouth needed the Abbott-Wade treatment not only to solve pragmatic design problems, but also to create a stylish and attractive look for the delightful Mr Dunstan.

“Abbott-Wade had come highly recommended by our builder who had seen example of their work.

Why Choose Abbott-Wade for your Staircase Renovation

Why Choose Abbott-Wade for your Staircase Renovation

A staircase renovation can transform your entire home. Here at Abbott-Wade we have been refurbishing stairs for more than 20 years. But why should you choose us to renovate your flight?

If your staircase looks tired or out of date, then look no further. Often neglected in favour of the decoration of other areas of the property it is usually the first thing you see when you walk through the front door.

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Abbott-Wade Newel Cap Styles

There’s an Abbott-Wade newel cap to suit every staircase in every home

From glass to spindles, hardwoods to handrails and newels to newel caps – Abbott-Wade offer a wide range of stair parts to our customers in ensure their staircase is as unique as they are.

We offer a range of newel caps all available in a range of hardwoods or painted finishes to suit both modern and traditional staircases with examples shown below.

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Manufacturing a helical staircase

Manufacturing a helical staircase

manufacturing a helical staircase

The precise curves of a helical staircases means the design and manufacturing process requires a level of skill, expertise and precision beyond that needed for a straight staircase. A comprehensive digital site survey is taken using state of the art measuring technology that is accurate to within 80 microns to capture the precise details of any underlying construction.

This is used to create a detailed 3-dimensional digital CAD model by a highly skilled design team to allow for the meticulous manufacture of curved components or a complete bespoke helical staircase. This is achieved by dividing the more complex curves and features into parts and running them through a computer simulation to makesure that each component is correct and accurate. These accurate models allow skilled craftsmen to build a forma (see photo) which duplicates the exact curvature required around which the curved components are built.

Watch: Taking the stairs like a movie star

Abbott-Wade staircases are fit for any movie star and over the years staircases have been important backdrops in many movie scenes (take our Movie Staircase Quiz). In this scene from the end of the 1942 movie Yankee Doodle Dandy, movie icon James Cagney plays the role of Broadway Showman George M Cohan and shows us how a real movie legend takes the stairs! It goes without staying – Don’t Try This At Home! 


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staircase designs for homes

How To Choose The Perfect Staircase For Your Home

Choosing a staircase is not something you will do often throughout your lifetime. However, when faced with such a decision, you should think carefully and do your research first. A staircase is a focal feature of your home. Not only does it serve a function, but it can also add character to the room and it is important to select a staircase design that suits both you and the style of your property.

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