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Before & After: Changing a solid balustrade to spindles

Before & After: Changing a solid balustrade for spindles

Solid balustrades are a throwback to an era of home design that most architects and homebuilders have thankfully left in the past. Solid balustrades essentially enclose the staircase as a separate dark space in the home. By opening up the balustrade using spindles, increased light flow will create the impression of additional space especially with lighter timbers such as oak or whites.

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Watch: Tour an Abbott-Wade Frameless Glass Staircase Installation

An Ultra-Modern Frameless Glass Staircase

Abbott-Wade offer a range of glass staircases with embedded or clamped 10mm clear glass being a popular choice. For a super-modern minimalist style we also offer Frameless Glass options on new staircases such as this one. Our 15mm glass can be paired with oak or with a stained or painted finish on the stairs. Tour this recent installation over three storeys to see for yourself how the unobscured glass opens up the entire stairway and consider how a similar installation could transform your own home.

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Transform the look of your home with a new painted staircase

Painted Wooden Staircase Ideas

The traditional look is still in style, even if more and more alternative staircase designs and materials such as glass and steel are appearing in people’s homes. At Abbott-Wade, we have been installing painted staircases for over 20 years and have found that traditional painted staircases are just as in demand now than when we first started the business. It’s of little surprise when staircases are fully customisable, with many different shades available. We can provide a full staircase renovation to suit the backdrop of your home.

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Luxury Staircases

Our bespoke staircases can truly transform a property. A staircase is a necessity for most homes but an Abbott-Wade staircase is much more than just a functional feature of the house. Is a highly desired premium product due to the quality of the materials used, the level of craftsmanship and aesthetic allure it adds by enhancing a home. It is not a necessity in the same way that a luxury car  is not a necessity – but the design and charisma of the staircase helps you to forget its true purpose as homeowners take pleasure from the form – both the visual and tactile stimulus it takes as the centrepiece at the heart of the home.

Our pre-finished installations are more than just a functional means of transitioning between floors – they are a premium furniture-finished addition to the home which are not only visually pleasing in themselves but enhance the space around them – increasing light flow through the glass balustrades making the hallway feel brighter and more spacious and acting as a transition providing a feeling of cohesion in colour and texture from one floor to the next. It is a true combination of the upmost quality design, joinery, eye for detail and blending functionality and form without compromising one over the other.

Before & After: Changing a metal balustrade to glass

Before & After: Changing a metal balustrade to glass

One of the problems with old metal balustrades is re-decoration. Dried drip marks glass which are re-painted over every few years are a typical characteristic as is flaking paintwork. This client decided enough was enough and brought in Abbott-Wade for a complete remodelling of the stairs. Warm oak tones and 10mm glass panels replaced the old, cold steel which were removed and sent for recycling.  The transformation was completed with a full oak transformation with oak treads, risers and stringers. No more drip marks or flaking paint, just a beautiful new staircase renovation.


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Modernise your home with an Abbott-Wade steel staircase

Steel Staircases

All set on the design of your new perfect home, but unsure on what staircase you should have as its centrepiece? Over the years, we have installed many different kinds of staircases here at Abbott-Wade, but one type you might not have considered is a steel staircase to give off a striking modern look to your home.

Long gone are the days where everyone owns a wooden staircase. A movement towards more modern, open spaces has seen a rise in the variety of staircase options on the market – with the steel staircase massively rising in popularity.

This shift has occurred  as people look to be more creative when designing their home. Pairing a stainless steel staircase with steel spindles and glass balustrades to allow natural light from outside to flow through the space effortlessly.

A steel staircase design can effortlessly blend with and complement numerous colour schemes with its variety of shades. With this in mind, this staircase design can be used to create a striking effect in your home that it may have been missing for some time beforehand. You can refresh your space by placing the dark steel against a vivid white backdrop, with a steel staircase the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

As well as providing an attractive centrepiece for your home, we also ensure that our staircases are of the highest possible quality, guarantying that safety remains as paramount as style. . This means that we adhere to the down stands law on all of our open-tread staircases, reducing the gap between treads to minimise the risk of accidents whilst using a staircase. In addition to this, we use the toughest stainless steel and glass balustrades to ensure they stand the test of time (and constant use!)

With over 20 years of experience our multi-award winning team are always on hand to assist you with any staircase design ideas you may have. We believe that you should have total freedom over how your house looks and will work with you to achieve the perfect result.

Like to discuss steel staircases in more detail? Give our friendly, experienced team of professionals a call on 01744 634 442 or email us now at for a no obligation quotation.

Watch: The Staircase at Number 10 Downing Street

If you’ve already seen our 3D tour of the Grand Staircase at Buckingham Palace, you may also be interested to see the staircase behind the doors of another famous British residence. Behind the iconic door of the Prime Minister’s residence at Number 10 Downing Street is a staircase which has seen many of our most famous politicians come and go. Like your own home, the stairs are the first thing you see as you want through the front door but has been rebuilt once or twice over the past 300 years. Prime Minister Robert Wagpole commissioned a refurbishment of the staircase in the 1700’s – long before Abbott-wade popularised the trend! The stairs have withstood the test of time and still feature the cantilevered design with no visible supports. The stairway is now lined with the portraits of each Prime Minister since in chronological order, with the most recent towards the top.

Take the tour with Simon Schama and see how it compares with your own staircase…

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